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Anne Heche's last movie, Girl in Room 13, is premiering on Lifetime TV today.  She plays of the mother of a girl who is kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking.  There is another showing at 10 PM EST.

I saw it toward the end, then it came back on again right after.  I think Anne did a good job with this movie.  Who would have known she was battling a similar problem?  At the end there is a credit dedicating the movie to her in memorium.  



@gertrudecloset   Her voice sounded terrible and I could barely understand what she was saying.  Maybe she had a virus, or maybe smoker's voice.  Otherwise, the young actress was good.

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I also recorded it & watched for a bit & then, FF'd to the end.  I don't think I've ever watched anything on Lifetime Channel before, but I got frustrated with the story jumping around & plot holes & not explaining what was going on.  Like the girl had her dog in the car with her when she met the guy that kidnapped her, the dog was barking at him from the car as he grabbed her, then they show the dog trotting along a road & all of a sudden, the dog is back at the house with the family. 


I supposed the subject matter is the important thing here, but I like a well written story to tell it & it deserved better.

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I watched a little bit but had to turn it off.  Quite frankly I found her acting disturbing.  Maybe she was into method acting too much but she seemed to be in a manic phase.  She may have been in that phase when she had her accident.

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I am sorry she passed away , but , honestly never followed her career or thought she was a great actress. Sorry she lived with so much sadness in her heart❤️