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Many cats don't like their water next to their food and won't drink it.


Main Coon cats never met water they didn't like no matter it's location. Unfortunately, they like to play in it so it's necessary to have a mop handy.

Callie doesn't like change of any kind. I typically wear blue jeans and if I put on different pants she avoids me. Small movements of furniture has her skirting it while watching it as she slips past. Moving her main water dish (there are two other smaller water dishes that are where they normally are, but she's ignoring them) just freaked her out. At least she's drinking from the fish tank and staying hydrated now. I'm keeping that tank topped off so she doesn't have to stretch too much to reach the water. Me being gone for fifteen days, then coming back on crutches, the parade of nurses, therapists, and others, all had her pretty spooked. She's getting back to normal now though.

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