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I learned in the Celeb BB house thread that @gardenman is in the hospital with a broken femur.  And that his PT is complicated by the hemophilia.  G-man, if you want to explain more, it's up to you.


You have made us laugh a zillion times in your BB threads, educated us on tech stuff, rooted for your sports teams with enthusiasm and knowledge -- and entertained many of us with the novels you've written.


You are a fixture on the boards, such an asset to those of us who always read a post when we see your name --


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Your cats and your flowers miss you and so have we!


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Feel better G-Man... DW

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Get well @@gardenman.  I enjoy your Top Chef threads. 

Keeping you in my prayers. 

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Get well soon!! Maybe while you are recuperating @gardenman you could write a few short stories. I know I would love to see another piece of literature from you. I have enjoyed your books immensely.


Be well!!

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Lots of healing thoughts coming your way @gardenman.  Have always enjoyed your BB commentary.  May your recovery pick up its pace!

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@gardenman Ouch and how in the world did you break it, my Dh broke his one week post op after hip replacement

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@LoriLori - Thank you for letting us know. Please send gardenman my best wishes for a speedy recovery.





I'm so sorry to hear you're in the hospital, but I know with your perseverance you will get through the PT with the same commitment you apply to anything you undertake.


I hope you will be back on your feet very soon. Selfishly, I hope it's in time for Celebrity Big Brother. It wouldn't be the same without you. But, most importantly, take care of yourself, and get better soon.



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Gardenman I am praying for you. Hope you are on the mend & will have a complete recovery. I had been wondering where you were but thought you were probably just busy. Take care & come back when you can. Miss you.

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We always follow his football analysis. Get better so you can cheer on the Eagles.

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Oh dear, best wishes for a speedy recovery @gardenman!  I hope your recently started seeds are being tended.  Mine are coming along nicely, I've got some "test seeds" going to make sure I remember how to do it!  Perhaps I'll post an update with pics on that thread later to offer you some cheer.

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