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Since the Home and Garden network is absolutely pathetic I was looking forward to Genevieve Gorder's new show. First off I was surprised that the first two episodes focused on her buying two apartments and making them into one large place for just she and her daughter. I didn't know that she had gotten divorced. I'm sorry that her marriage ended but I was really irritated when she made the remark several times that she is now a single mother. Excuse me but am I suppose to feel sorry for you. You are wealthy enough to spend a huge amount of money renovating this place in a city where the real estate prices are out of sight.

She probably gets more in monthly child support than most single mothers get in a whole year. If they get anything at all from some of the deadbeat dads out there.

Stick to what you do well Genevieve and give us a good design show but please do not beat us over the heads with your sad tale of woe. You have no idea of the adversity that most single mothers face.

I don't know why she bothered me so much with her comments because I have never been a single mother but have friends who are and I see what they go through.

I do have to say in spite of her comments I did like the show. Anything is a nice break from hour upon hour of the same show. I really miss the good design shows of the past. I used to love watching Christopher Lowell and Kitty Bartholomew.

When did Home & Garden become the real estate network?

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I get what you are saying but people with what appears to be wealthy or successful life can still have lousy relationships and have to recover from it. With that said I never watched her show, she was on my 'annoying list"

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she bores me and i just can't watch her! i tried to watch and episode of her show and i ended up turning the channel before 10 minutes of it had passed. ITA with jackthebear - she is annoying to me for some reason!

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I thought the show was okay, but nothing special. As to her having money, if she was the breadwinner of the two, she could be paying her ex for spousal support instead of receiving support. Celebrity women often end up having to support exes.
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I LOVE her! And yes, her hubby Tyler Harcourt (sp??) hadn't been doing much that I know of. His TV days seemed to be over, so she was certainly the breadwinner. She has great taste IMO and I love her. Anything would be better than that completely phony stupid Love it or List it. I HATE that show!

I love HGTV but agree that new shows are warranted. WAY too many Househunters now - they've run it into the ground.

I'm enjoying Flipping the Block. but next time they need to find a different host.

My All-Time Favorite is Rehab Addict. I grew up in the city that her show takes place in and I just love her. Rather than reading a script and pretending, she actually does a lot of the work herself. I don't care for old creaky houses and her taste isn't mine, but I think she has a keen eye and absolutely knows what she's doing. LOVE!