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Did anyone watch the new show last night, Generation Gap.  Kelly Ripa (from Live with Kelly & Ryan ) was the show host.  I think the premise of the show is good but Kelly is horrible. She had a bad time deciding which camera to look into or who she should be talking to.  Maybe it gets better in later shows but I think Kelly should stick to her day job and leave game show hosting to other people.

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I tuned-in while the show was in progress.  It seemed to be a game show but I couldn't figure out how it worked.  At one point, Kelly announced a "mystery guest" and the contestants apparently had to identify the person through questioning.  We, the audience, saw who was behind the panel: Ryan Secrest.  That's when I tuned-out.  I have nothing against him, but if he's the best they could do for a "mystery guest,: then there's not much hope for the show. 

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It was OK, but the game part of the show could have been completed in a 1/2 hour, the rest was just so much fluff and filler.

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It was OK. I'll try it one more time to see if it gets better! 


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Re: Generation Gap

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I saw a preview and was a wee bit interested until they said the host is Kelly Rippa. I  can't stand her so won't watch. Doesn't sound like I missed much.

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I didn't think it was too bad.  Kelly doesn't bother me in small doses.  I could have done without her dad, though, and I hope they are not trying to follow in  Anthony Anderson's footsteps who now has his mama on his game show and will be doing a series with her.

I did kind of like playing along to see what I knew but I have to say who I really found annoying was the professional game show family contestants.  

But I totally get those who won't watch it because of her.  There a few I can't watch because of the hosts.

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It was just awful


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I watched but won't be returning. All it proved to me is that young people don't know much about the past ( they don't care about what went on before they were born) and the older generation doesn't keep up with today's pop culture. The mystery guest  is a joke, they don't disguise the voice and the questions as to who they are, are so easy. 

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

I saw a preview and was a wee bit interested until they said the host is Kelly Rippa. I  can't stand her so won't watch. Doesn't sound like I missed much.

@Love my grandkids DITTO.

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I didn't like the fact that the two boys looked years apart so of course the

older boy, didn't hear their ages, would know more and they won.


I don't see this show lasting too last. Should be 30 minutes long not an hour.