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Re: General Hospital ~ October 2020 ~ Spoilers Included

@I am still oxox wrote:

The scene with Ryan and Ava in prison, I was watching closely if they showed Ryan's arm, didn't he lose it in some sort of an incident

Actually, Ryan lost his right hand (both he and Kevin are left handed).  I believe his hand made contact with the propeller from a boat.  

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Re: The knife had over 3 inches of blood on it; yet, Nickolas...


Good guess on Stamos! Good ole Blackie Parrish, from GH!

Off topic, but I knew immediately from when the male snow owl opened his mouth it was Clint Black (and his attention loving wife wife  Lisa Hartman.) There's a thread on here where we've been guessing. 

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Re: General Hospital ~ October 2020 ~ Spoilers Included

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@CLHS68 wrote:

By the other posts I must be the only one but I don't want Helena to return from the dead yet again. It appears it is just Spinelli & Sam making Peter believe she is alive.

I also don't believe Franco's tumor was ever gone & now he does not want anyone to know. Look out Liz & kids you are in danger. He blames all his bad seeds on the tumor & gets away with it. Those people are still dead. Really hope he is left go.


         That makes two...I don't want Helena to return either, but I say ...never return!! 

         She had her day on GH and now, the Sam/

Spinelli story is just going to make GH even more ridiculous than it already is!!!

         How in the heck would Peter believe that she is still alive???

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Re: General Hospital ~ October 2020 ~ Spoilers Included

@stevieb wrote:

@corita wrote:

    So there were several months - years - that I didn't really watch GH...working long hours, school age kids, house etc....

    Isn't Helena dead???  Is someone trying to get at Peter's nerves???

@corita  The fact is, no condition whatsoever, least of all death, is ever really permanent on a soap opera...  Woman Wink  Woman LOL


      I've learned...never say never when referring to GH!!!  Smiley Happy


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Re: General Hospital ~ October 2020 ~ Spoilers Included

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@Tique wrote:

@BeckiWV wrote:


@Tique gosh, I really, really hope this turns out to be true.  Just hearing her regal voice today on the phone was thrilling. I hope it turns out to be more than Spinelli's hocus pocus.


I hate Franco's tumor returning. I hate Alex returning (especially considering there was nothing wrong with her on AMC as I think you mentioned before. I agree). 



@BeckiWV  I agree with you about Alex returning. It is actually @RainCityWoman  who has mentioned several times how they changed Alex's character into a very different one than the one she portrayed when she originated on AMC. Here is one of her posts chosen specifically because she also discussed how they have destroyed changed the character of Anna. From February 2020:


@RainCityWoman wrote:

I am kind of taken aback by the portrayal of Alexandra de Vane as an evil person. First of all, she was never on the original GH when Anna came onto the scene. In fact, she never mentioned a twin sister. Alexandra first appeared on All My Children, and was not portrayed as evil at all. She eventually married Dimitri Merrick and they rode off in the sunset together. Later Anna De Vane, the twin sister, joined the AMC cast has her original GH character. She eventually married David Hayward and had a child that she lost to a disease. Now suddenly Alexandra is mentioned as a trickster and all around evil person. Anna is portrayed as weak and ineffective. It's quite the metamorphosis.



Thank you @RainCityWoman and @Tique that is what I remember. No respect for GH or AMC history or their viewers.