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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included


This may have been mentioned already and please forgive me if so:  Does anyone else think that Ava will blackmail Natalia with knowing about Blaze/Kristina's relationship?  It doesn't seem like they're trying to hide their relationship; however, I could see Ava threatening to go to the general media with that info.



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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

Carly Visits Jack Brennan in Pentonville — and Jason Tells Anna What Cates Has on Carly

Wednesday, May 8, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Lois catches up with John Cates, Laura and Kevin discuss Heather, and Finn agrees to give his dad some bad news from Chase.


Anna continues to move into her new place when Jason drops by. He explains Agent Cates came to see him about Pikeman. She invites him in. Jason relays that Cates talked about the ties between Pikeman and Sonny, and also this guy Brennan up in Pentonville. He didn’t mention Valentin, and he doesn’t think Cates knows he’s involved. Anna says if they are going to do this, they need full transparency. She asks what the FBI is holding over him and what they have against Carly.


Jason needs her word that this stays between them, and she gives it to him. Jason says the FBI has a recording of Carly at a meeting with other heads of the five families, saying she was the new head of the Corinthos organization and controlled everything that ships through Port Charles. He was supposed to be there, but he got shot, so Carly went in his place. He explains Carly did what she did to protect herself and her kids from the other families trying to make a move. He doesn’t want Carly to know everything he’s doing is to protect her, as he knows Carly will do something crazy to save him and end up sending herself to prison.


Jason explains there is another reason he’s protecting Carly, and that is that he chose to work for Sonny, Carly didn’t, and he and Sonny pulled her in. He got her into this, and he needs to get her out. Anna asks what happens if they succeed in taking down Pikeman, what comes next? Jason states he’ll be done, he has no plan to take orders from Cates for the rest of his life. She still thinks Valentin is still a key player in Pikeman, and she’s going to dinner with him and plans to work him. She thinks he may even lead them to the person in charge of Pikeman.


At Sam and Dante’s, she asks Dante, who is just waking up, how Anna took the news of his resignation. He admits he didn’t resign. He says he tried to, but Anna refused to accept it. He tells her that Anna says resigning wouldn’t solve his conflict, and in fact, it would break down the boundaries he and Sonny have set up. He realized he’d be running away from his duty, and he’s a cop, and it’s the only thing he’s good at. Sam is silent, and Dante asks her to say something. Sam admits she should have known better to get her hopes up.


Sam says it was a huge relief when he told her he was going to resign. She got a glimpse of their future, one in which she didn’t have to worry every time he went to work. However, a cop is who he is, who he was when she fell in love with him, and she can’t ask him to be another man. The only thing she can control is her response to his choices. He asks if she’ll stay with him if he’s still a cop.


 Sam says she loves him, and they have a family and a life together. Even if she asked him to leave, she wouldn’t love him any less, and she’d still be afraid for him, and in the end, all she’d lose was him. She says she just has to learn to live with the fear. Dante wishes he could take that fear away and is sorry for giving her false hope that he’d resign. Sam says she needs some time to process this. Dante promises to never take her for granted. He says he doesn’t know what he would have done if he lost her, and they kiss.


At the Metro Court, Laura and Kevin are having lunch, and she tells him how well her visit with Heather went, which troubles her. She says Heather was more clearheaded than she has seen her in years, and she got a glimpse of the old Heather. Heather gushed about Ace, and she really loves him, and they also talked about Esme. She also spoke about her regrets, and she is a grieving mother who is missing her child. She can’t believe she’s empathizing with a serial killer.


Kevin says it’s more evidence that the metalosis pushed Heather over the edge. Laura doesn’t know if it’s right to leave Heather in prison, but then what about all the victims and their loved ones? Kevin says her diagnosis doesn’t absolve her of everything she’s done.


Kevin steps away to take a call, and Valentin approaches Laura to talk. He updates her on Charlotte, who is thriving at school. Laura is glad to hear that, though she worries that she’s so far from her family. Valentin explains that he has a new business venture taking him to Switzerland a lot, so he’ll see her often. Laura asks if it’s something for ELQ, and he lets her believe that.


At the hospital, Chase drops by to see Finn. He’s excited about the wedding, but he doesn’t want their dad to fly to Coney Island for the rehearsal only to wear himself out and not be good for the big day. How does he tell him? Finn says, “You don’t.” Finn says he’ll talk to Dad for him and say from a medical standpoint that it’s not safe for him to fly. Chase won’t let him do that, as this is his responsibility. Finn suggests he be honest with his dad then and say the rest will let him enjoy his wedding day.


Finn thinks their dad will understand, and Chase has always been the devoted son. Chase says Finn’s a good son too, but Finn says they know that’s not true. He says the only reason he has a relationship with their dad is because of Chase, and he lost so much precious time with him. Chase tells Finn to stop beating himself up, as Dad has always loved him and always will. Finn again offers to talk to their dad about Coney Island, and Chase hugs him and thanks him. Chase then heads out. Alone, Finn gets upset and looks up ALS articles online.


Brook Lynn and Lois stop in Bobbie’s. Brook Lynn spots Cates across the way and tells her mom that’s the dirtbag who tried to question Danny without Sam present. Lois looks over and exclaims, “That’s Jagger Cates!” Brook Lynn can’t believe she knows that jerk. Lois says he’s a nice man and drags Brook Lynn over to meet him.


John hugs Lois, and she says he already knows her daughter. He does and tells Brook Lynn he owes her an apology and his thanks. He says she was right about him grilling Danny without a parent and made him see that he’d be angry if someone questioned his son without him. Lois is delighted to learn he has a son named Stone after his brother. Brook Lynn decides to meet up with Chase to allow them to catch up. Cates says he’d love to spend time with Lois, so she accepts.


Lois asks how he got involved with the FBI. He explains it was after his marriage to Karen broke up. Lois was sorry to hear about her death. She suggests they talk about something happy and asks about his son. Cates says he’s 21 and lives in a group home in Virginia. He is on the spectrum but thriving in his home. He misses him a lot, but they video chat often.


 Cates asks her how it’s been coming back to Port Charles for her with everything that’s changed. Lois says all their old hangouts are gone except this one. He says being back here reminds him of things that slipped through his fingers. Lois understands that things are different now and that difference isn’t bad.


Cates gets a message and has to make a call. Lois tells him to go save the world, and she heads out. Cates learns that Brennan had a visitor today and who it was. He wonders why Carly is visiting Brennan.


Brook Lynn meets Chase at the station. He tells her Finn will talk to his dad about not coming to the rehearsal. She thinks it’s for the best, and while she thought her mom’s idea was crazy at first, she can’t wait to show him all her favorite places on Coney Island. He thinks they’ll be so busy they won’t have the pre-wedding jitters everyone keeps telling him about. He says he doesn’t have them so far. She admits she’s a wreck. She says so much could go wrong on their big day, and she read this post about a woman whose dress was ruined because someone left a black ink pen in the bag with it. Chase says he doesn’t care what she wears as long as they marry. She says their wedding day has to be perfect, and she can’t wait to marry him. They head into the interrogation room to make out.


At Pentonville, Brennan is surprised when Carly comes to see him. Carly says she’s been thinking about him, how he lied about who he was, and that he planned to abduct her from her restaurant that day. He says he wasn’t planning to abduct her or harm her, and he holds no hard feelings that she tried to take his head off with a tray. Carly recalls Anna and Dante arresting him, and Anna mentioned that he was involved in an organization called Pikeman. Jack says Anna has said a lot about him, and it isn’t all true. Brennan claims his rivals at the WSB framed him to take him out and take over, and they spread allegations that he was the secret head of Pikeman.


Brennan wants to talk about something else, and asks her to tell him about herself. He says he really enjoyed talking to her at her restaurant and asks how the world has been treating her. Carly says her daughter had her first dance recital, she recently went through a breakup, and her best friend Jason is back. Brennan notes her friend Jason was on the news a lot, and Carly says Jason didn’t do what the news said, and he’s been exonerated.


Carly returns to the topic of Pikeman. Brennan says if he was involved with Pikeman then he’d have a team of top-notch lawyers to get him out of here. Carly asks, “So it doesn’t mean anything to you that the FBI is investigating Pikeman?” Brennan just shrugs his shoulders. He wonders how she would even know this. She says FBI Agent Cates is her friend, and he recently returned to Port Charles to work a case. He asks, if the case is investigating Pikeman? She asks why he cares. He jokes that he doesn’t like that Cates still has his badge, his freedom, and that he gets to spend time with her. A guard tells Brennan his time is up. Carly thanks him for whatever reason of his own that he didn’t do worse to her that day. He says this visit brightened his day, and he hopes she comes back. She tells him, “We’ll see.” Carly leaves, and Brennan mutters, “Watch your back Valentin.”


On the next General Hospital:


Gregory refuses to be lectured by Finn.

Ava tells Sonny, “How dare you throw my daughter’s murder in my face!”

Jordan gives Laura news about Sonny’s donation.

Sam wants Jason to promise her that “he” won’t be walking into something dangerous.

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

@Julie_23 I like it, but since they are not really hiding it, I don't think Ava could do much with it for long.



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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included




May 8, 2024 13:40PM

Finola Hughes


Finola Hughes (Anna) answered these questions with Laura Wright (Carly) sitting nearby, helping out. Their banter was hilarious, so it has been included.


What is the last thing you bought with cash? 

Wright: (laughs, knowing the answer – holds up Hughes’s new bag) This right here. We were on the street freezing, so she shops. She was indecisive and couldn’t make up her mind.

Hughes: I know, I did take a minute. [sheepish] I bought a bag on the street and I know I shouldn’t, but I got it. It wasn’t a knockoff, it’s just a bag. And yeah, I bought a bag on the street for cash.


What’s the first major purchase we’d make if you won Lotto?

A house in Tahiti.


Who was the last co-star you FaceTimed with? 

Wright: Do you FaceTime a lot?

Hughes: Yeah. Probably James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) Yeah, I would say.

Wright: We’ve never FaceTimed.

Hughes: Who, you?

Wright: Yeah me.

Hughes: Well, you didn’t [expletive] ask.

Wright (laughs): I’m so going to FaceTime you now. In two minutes, get ready.


What song always makes you get up and dance? 

Hughes: Oh, always? Let me think. Oh God, there’s so many. What’s that one by the Rolling Stones? ‘Brown Sugar’ is it? I think that, ‘Oh Girl’ — what is that one called anyway? Anything by the Stones.

Wright: ‘Honky Tonk Woman,’ hell yeah!

Hughes: (eyes light up) Yeah! ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ – yeah, that one. That will make me dance anywhere in the underground.


What was on the walls of your childhood bedroom?

Hughes misunderstood the question at first, describing her wallpaper. Wright piped up that she should be asked this question so Hughes then posed the question to Wright, who understood the assignment.

Wright: Ralph Macchio! I was obsessed — OBSESSED with The Karate Kid. I was madly in love.

Everyone starts laughing as Hughes chimed in she wanted to answer it.

Hughes: It was David Cassidy.

Wright (amused): I had Shaun Cassidy.

Hughes: You did?

Wright: And I know him now. I had a nightgown with his face on it and I go, ‘Is that weird that I’m now friends with you?’

Hughes: I had David Cassidy. I had the Monkees. Yeah, Monkees – I was so in love with The Monkees. and Starsky & Hutch. And I made my grandmother knit me a sweater just like Starsky.


Who would be your dream director to work for?

My dream director to work for – Miranda July.

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

@Laura14 wrote:

@mysoutherncomfort 😂😂😂 Is there a live stream to watching the paint dry? Also asking for a friend.... 🍸🍸🍸

I actually watch them doing the painting.  So much more exciting than Sam and Dante.  Also exciting is watching the ice melt in my mouthwash.  🍸🍸🍸

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

I want to thank all the regulars on this forum.  You make watching GH so enjoyable.   It's a rare day when I don't laugh out loud while reading your comments. 

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

I love reading all the post on here. Since I work during the week, I stay behind watching most of the time. I come here and cheat 😂😂😂. By the time I watch it on Hulu I forgot what I've read on here 😂😂😂. I'm off work the rest of this week, so maybe I'll catch up. 😁

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

Sam, what do you want?????  And, please stop whining!!!

@mysoutherncomfort watching the painting sounds much better than watching Sam pout.


If these writers are trying to make viewers believe that Heather really isn't responsible for her crimes, well, they are nuts!!  In fairness,  I suppose that if some viewers thought of Luke as a great guy (even though he was a rapist).......well maybe pigs do fly.



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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included


I've been out of town for a week and need to finish getting caught up on eppies, but I've really enjoyed reading everyone's comments while we were away, so helpful ❤️