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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

@mysoutherncomfort wrote:

I'm on the fence about Drew's actions in the Congressman's office.  Please be so kind as to give me some insights and points of view.  Was he being logical, out of line, tacky, agressive etc regarding the Congressman's limited time due to his advanced medical condition?  Thanks all for your opinions.

I actually am in amazement about the new Drew who seems like a kind of overly zealous con man suddenly. The other Drew never showed much interest in Quartermain wheeling and dealing at all. I just don't buy it. Billy Miller's Drew was more passive. I am kind of enjoying the sex thing going on with Nina and Drew. Don't know where it is heading, but since both of them were or are being replaced by their significant others, why not? 

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

@ninjawife wrote:

Drew seems to be in a manic phase.  He keeps impulsively sleeping with Nina, he is starting a fitness company with Curtis, he is invovled with a non-profit that he wants Willow to be a spokesperson for and now he has this idea to develop the waterfront.  And not only was he pushy with the congressman, he was also pushy with Willow and Curtis.  

LOL. Maybe he, too, is bipolar. Manic DOES describe his current state perfectly. The Billy Miller Drew would never have done this. Too passive.

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

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Richard Simmons Recalls His Time On General Hospital and Meeting Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Rick Springfield and More





Fitness Guru, Richard Simmons has been recently sharing many stories about his time in Hollywood and his career on his Twitter account as he reflects on his life and prepares his biopic.


In a string of posts, containing moments from his time on General Hospital, and meeting many of who would be his co-stars in Port Charles, Simmons opened up about how he landed on the soap in its hey day.



Richard expressed, “I met with the most powerful woman in daytime television. Gloria Monty. I also met with the head writer Pat Falken Smith. These ladies were very smart. They told me their idea. I would teach exercise classes in a disco for all the ladies on the show.” He added, “A week before taping the show the studio asked me if I could drive over and do some promotional photos. In my car I brought with me six jogging suits….My make up…some towels and five pound weights. I still could not believe I was going to be on a soap. lol.”


When he got to GH’s studio, Simmons shared, “The first person that I met was Genie Francis (Laura). Her father was Ivor Francis an actor who had been on Broadway and many TV shows. Genie was so young and innocent looking. I clicked immediately with her.



Photo: ABC

“The second person I was introduced to was Anthony Geary (Luke),” recalled Richard. “Some people called him Tony. ..but I did not. He was an actor’s actor. Mr G had curly hair like me. When he was not acting he was sitting in his dressing room learning all of his lines.  His door was always closed. One day when it was open. I asked if I could come in and sit and talk. This man won 8 daytime Emmys for playing Luke.”


“Now what can I say about Jane Elliot (Tracy)? She had an aristocratic face,” says Simmons. “One moment her character was very nice then she was the queen of mean. She allowed me to come into her room and chat while she was putting on makeup.”


Then, Richard recalled the late, great Stuart Damon (ex-Alan) and Jackie Zeman (ex-Bobbie). “I then met Prince Charming. Stuart Damon. He had been in a lot of TV shows and played Prince Charming on a special about Cinderella. Jackie Zeman was so cute. She had a pixie face.”


Simmons recalled when Rick Springfield joined the cast as Noah Drake, sharing, “While he was on the show his father passed away in Australia. I went to the news stand and bought him a bunch of magazines to read on the plane. How many times have you sung Jessie’s Girl and Don’t Talk to Strangers? When he came back from Australia he resumed his role.”


Noting his humble beginnings on GH running the aerobic classes at the Campus Disco, Richard recalled, “My first scene was in Luke’s Disco. All the nurses and other actresses were there dancing with me. I had never memorized lines before. So much was going on in my head. At the end of my scene, I heard the sound of heels clicking on the floor and everyone froze. It was Ms Monty and she was talking to me. ‘Richard the television is this big . You are talking like you are on a screen in a movie theater…bring your voice down.’ So I did.”



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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included




May 6, 2024 14:59PM


On the Tuesday, May 7, episode of General Hospital, Laura pays Heather a visit at Pentonville. Ahead of the chat between Ace’s two grandmothers, Digest caught up with Heather’s portrayer, Alley Mills, for the scoop on the unexpected support the jailbird has found in the mayor, the research she did on metallosis, and the recent retcon of her alter ego’s history…


This week, Laura comes to visit Heather at Pentonville. Can you share what that sit-down is like? “I can. Before you called, I was thinking about Heather’s relationship with Laura in the past and recently. Ever since the whole hip replacement thing started, Laura has been pretty receptive and kind to her. Unexpectedly. They have this new, odd relationship based on Ace. Heather is clearly the underdog in that particular relationship. With the mayor of the town, there’s a tentative trust. ‘What is it really gonna be? Will she really protect me?’ I think Heather is really brave, she’s a little pit bull, but when it comes to intimate things, that’s where her vulnerability is. And so, she’s had this really strange relationship with Laura. Heather began to trust her and appreciate that she was coming to see her. Because she knows that she sort of deserves to be on everybody’s sh&t-list, because she confessed to some pretty heinous things. Laura is surprisingly sympathetic. She comes to visit as a co-grandmother, which is incredibly moving to Heather, who feels pretty [much] like an outcast. I really love working with Genie [Francis, Laura].”


What does Laura’s support mean to her? Not necessarily just the visit at Pentonville, but the support she’s had from Laura since the cobalt poisoning was discovered. “It means everything to her because Laura and Ace are her only family. Franco’s dead, Esme is now dead. Steven Lars is in prison and doesn’t want anything to do with her.”


What kind of research did you do for this storyline? “I read this book, Brain On Fire; it’s a true story about a young reporter at The New York Post, and she had an autoimmune reaction in her brain that caused a temporary mental illness. And then I researched cobalt poisoning and how it affects you neurologically. It can affect not just the heart, but also the brain, causing extreme anxiety and weird reactions. So, what I began to think of, with Heather, as the cobalt starts to disappear from her body, what was she in control of in her life since that hip replacement? And what wasn’t she in control of? And it makes you a little nuts not knowing.”


Now that her mind is clearing, what does Heather think about what she’d done? “She does remember absolutely everything that she did. There’s no question about the fact that she did it; she remembers all the details. But suddenly, a new emotion comes that had not been part of her scenario in rescuing Esme and always fighting for her daughter. It’s suddenly like, why on earth would that involve murder? What made me think that would be a good thing to do? It all made perfect sense to Heather, before the surgery, that she should have revenge on all those people that were trying to destroy her daughter. But now that things are clearing, it doesn’t make any sense to her that she would think that murder was the solution.


“I don’t think Heather had any idea what she was doing when she was in that hood. I don’t think she did. I think she was just out of her mind with revenge and rage at what people were doing to her daughter. And now, sitting in Pentonville, the surgery’s happened and she’s beginning to think clearly, she knows what she did to those people and to their families and to their lovers and their mothers and their fathers. It’s horrible. And I had to face it. I, as an actor, never thought about the fact that she was a murderer. It’s a horrible process to go through. It’s what really makes it hard to be an actor. I really hated it. But if you’re going to feel real remorse, you have to imagine what it meant to the people that you did it to, and especially the people that they left behind. She’s thinking about that. For her to feel remorse is like a weird new ingredient.”


Some fans have criticized the rewriting, the retcon, of Heather’s history, that the cobalt poisoning as a result of the hip replacement she had after a ski accident now accounted for her recent crimes. What do you think about that? “I’ve never heard that term [retcon] until recently, but it’s an interesting term. I’m not a writer. So, the way they do these things is so amazing. I don’t know what she did before the ski accident, because I didn’t read the writing; I can only look at what’s on YouTube. So I don’t know how she justified [her past actions]. I know how I, as the character, justified giving up Esme, because I was with Ryan at that point and that was definitely to save her life. Because having a serial killer for a father… that was the morally right thing to do. And I made sure it was with a good family where she would get an education. But in terms of pushing the envelope with the law, I think Heather always been [doing that]. I have a story in my mind that things happened to her as a child that made her an overcomer. I feel like her quirky, sarcastic [personality] comes from that same survival mechanism.”


Do you think Heather wonders what her life could have been like if the accident hadn’t happened? “Yes. Maybe her kids could be alive. If it hadn’t happened… not just the Hook Killer, but she was already on a kind of bad trajectory right after the ski accident. She was already doing some pretty gnarly stuff. She wasn’t murdering people. but she was often way out of control.”


Heather’s quirkiness, her humor, makes her one my favorite characters. Do you hope that she doesn’t lose that now that she’s detoxed? “I won’t let her. And the reason that I won’t let her is because I’ve met too many people in parking lots that identify with me, who I feel are fellow scrappers, and they love her. They love the fighter in her, they love how smart she is. They love that she’s always thinking and manipulating and winning, with a punk kind of spirit. That’s my favorite fan base and I can’t disappoint them. I won’t give it up. I’ll fight any writing that gives it up, because that’s who she is.”


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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

Every time I watch a scene with Drew, I need a shower and not a cold one. A hot one to remove all the slime. 

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

If Joss wants a career change, she should join the police academy and take Sonny down herself.


Spare me the Dex beefcake. He and Drew should find a mirror to love between them with vistor's rights to Jason. 

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

If Sonny and Natalya get together, she can just start offing her family members if they don't fall in line. Wait until she and Ava get a load of one another. Natalya is going to be taking a flying leap off that balcony. 


So Dante is going to throw away his career and pension over Dex? Can someone please send this gnat packing? I don't understand why we kept this character around. Is Dante going to become Sasha's sous chef? With Sam not working that I can see, are they just going to live off Jason's child support? How stupid can these writers get? Should not have typed that challenge...


Speaking of bipolar, can someone find the real Anna and write for her again? 


Watch Alexis get her license back and she and Diane have to pick sides. Who defends who? 


Bring on Heather and her poison hip. I am dying to lose more brain cells. 🍸🍸🍸🍸



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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

The writing seems to be getting worse.   Please watch the old GH clips and write for those characters. 


Natalia is another unnecessary character added to this bloated cast.  Pairing her with Sonny is gag worthy.  Will she start telling him what to do too???  Ava will not be happy to have Natalia inserted into her plan.


Drew is at the point of making my skin crawl.  The character has become a bad caricature. 





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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

Monday, May 6, 2024


At Dante and Sam's penthouse, Dante told Sam about his decision to resign from the police department because of his personal conflicts. Sam was surprised when Dante explained that he was conflicted. "How many times have I erred on the side of being a son versus being a cop?" he asked. According to Dante, the catalyst had been a visit with Sonny when he had mentioned Dex joining the police academy, because Dante's first thought had been how it might affect Sonny rather than Dex making a decent cop. Sam suggested that Dante had turned one fleeting thought into a rebuke of his whole career, but he told her about the frosty reception that Dex had received from the police officers at Chase's bachelor party because of his association with Sonny.


Dante pointed out that he was Sonny's son. "Cops care about proximity to people like Sonny. I'm his son. You don't get any closer than that," he said. Sam assured him that his fellow police officers respected him because every single one of them had shown up to donate blood when Dante had needed it. She reminded him that he loved his work, but he was resigned to his decision.


To Dante's surprise, Sam admitted that she'd waited a long time to hear him tell her that he was ready to give up his badge. She opened up about what it had been like when the police officers had shown up at the hospital with their spouses to support her as Dante had lingered in a coma -- and the relief she'd seen in some of their eyes that it hadn't been them. She assured him that if he truly wanted to quit, she would be grateful.


In Anna's office, Anna and Detective Bennet finished up a meeting and talked about Anna's busy itinerary the following day. She conceded that it would be a long day, but it would be worth it because she'd be in her new furnished apartment when it was over. Anna mentioned being grateful for the invention of elevators because she had to move some boxes from storage. Bennet realized that she had opted not to use a moving company because the boxes contained sensitive material.


Later, Dante knocked on Anna's door and entered her office. After they exchanged greetings, he handed her his official resignation. Taken aback, Anna questioned what had prompted the decision. Dante admitted that the recent shooting had played a small role in things, but a talk with Sonny about Dex joining the police academy had cemented the decision. He explained why he was conflicted and admitted that the lines had gotten blurred for him.


Anna told Dante that he was being hard on himself, because he was a good cop. She pointed out that worrying about something wasn't the same as acting on it. Dante agreed, but he felt that it was a betrayal of everything his badge stood for. He set his badge on Anna's desk. "So, it's got to end. Tonight," Dante said.


Anna acknowledged that she, too, had had a complicated relationship with Sonny through the years and that her gratitude for Sonny being there for Robin when Anna hadn't been able to be there had morphed into a "bias" that had favored Sonny no matter the circumstances. However, Anna insisted that whatever debt she had owed Sonny had been paid in full. Anna confessed that she'd been waiting for Dante to reach the same conclusion. Dante explained that he was not there yet, but she wondered what would happen if Sonny showed up on Dante's doorstep, asking for a favor. "Without that badge, how do you justify refusing your father?" she asked.


Dante assured Anna that he would set boundaries, but Anna wasn't satisfied. "This badge protected you from him and the toxic cloud that follows him around. In short, I don't think you can afford to resign," Anna explained. She suggested that Dante remove himself from any case with Sonny's name on it and that he pass along any information he might stumble across in the line of duty to her or Bennet. Dante agreed to those terms. Pleased, Anna promised that he was where he was supposed to be. "You're staying, Detective. Understood?" Anna asked.


At Sonny's penthouse, Ava was deep in thought as she held Sonny's prescription bottle in her hand. She snapped out of it when Sonny entered the living room complaining about Carly forbidding him from seeing Donna and how Carly had stormed into his bathroom and questioned him about his medication. He resented Carly acting like she lived there and treating him like a child. Ava handed him the prescription bottle as she agreed that Carly hadn't shown him much respect. "The hell with that. The hell with you, Carly Corinthos!" Sonny growled in a raised voice and threw the prescription bottle.


Ava reminded Sonny that Carly's last name was Spencer. "That's what you got out of everything I just said?" Sonny asked. He blamed it on a slip of the tongue and continued his rant about Carly. Ava used the opportunity to continue to undermine Carly and sow division, but Sonny suddenly announced that he intended to get a blood test to prove to Carly that he'd been taking his medication. Ava pretended to support the idea, but she carefully manipulated him into changing his mind. When Sonny grabbed his jacket to leave, Ava offered to accompany him, but Sonny told her that he needed some time alone.


In the park, Natalia and Blaze were carrying shopping bags as they talked about Blaze's new stylist, Miranda. They sat on a bench, and Blaze expressed her gratitude for Natalia hiring Miranda. Natalia was surprised because she had noticed that Blaze had resisted some of Miranda's ideas. Blaze explained that she had no problem with Miranda choosing her wardrobe for public appearances, but Blaze reserved the right to pick her own clothes during her down time. Natalia laughed and explained that building and maintaining a brand was a full-time job.


Natalia and Blaze's conversation turned to Blaze's newest single. Natalia grew frustrated when she realized that Brook Lynn had been too busy planning her wedding to get important feedback on the single. Natalia complained that the demo had been awful because the guitar solo had been by a "mediocre" musician. Tensions mounted when Natalia suggested replacing the guitar player with Blaze's brother, Eloi. Blaze reminded her mother that Eloi had left the business and wanted nothing to do with it, but Natalia insisted that music was the air that Eloi breathed.


Blaze asked why she wasn't enough, especially since she had chosen a career in music. Blaze suspected that her mother would prefer Eloi to be the headliner. Natalia assured her daughter that she loved both of her children equally, but she conceded that she hated seeing Eloi's talent go to waste. "Yeah, well, his talent, his choice," Blaze said. Annoyed with the exchange, Blaze picked up her bags and stormed off.


A short time later, Natalia sensed someone approaching and protectively grabbed her purse. Sonny apologized for startling her, but she was relieved to see him and smiled. She admitted that he had done her a favor because she'd been sitting there stuck in her own thoughts. Natalia invited Sonny to join her, so he sat down beside her and asked what had been troubling her. She revealed that she'd had an argument with her daughter. Sonny shared that he'd had a disagreement with his ex-wife.


Sonny opened up to Natalia about his bipolar disorder and how his ex-wife had been instrumental in getting him diagnosed years earlier. Natalia suggested that his ex-wife couldn't be all bad. Sonny countered that things had changed, and his ex-wife had used the diagnosis against him. Natalia was impressed with Sonny's bravery for talking about his bipolar disorder. Sonny shifted gears and invited her to join him for a drink.


At the penthouse, Ava was relieved to see Sonny return, but her smile vanished when she saw Natalia follow him in. Sonny introduced Natalia to Ava, and he explained that Ava lived there with their daughter. Natalia greeted Ava, but her smile faded when Ava referred to Blaze as Kristina's girlfriend. Sonny didn't appear to notice as he suggested opening up a 25-year-old bottle of scotch, which he knew Natalia would enjoy. He and Natalia exchanged a secret smile as Ava went to the bar to retrieve the scotch and pour the drinks.


Later, Sonny and Natalia chatted and flirted, but Ava hovered nearby. Sonny tactfully asked Natalia to excuse him for a minute, so she stepped out onto the balcony. Alone with Ava, Sonny let Ava know that he wanted her to make herself scarce. Ava seemed surprised, but she complied with a smile. When Sonny joined Natalia on the balcony, she sang the penthouse's praises. Sonny admitted that the place needed a lady's touch, so she asked about Ava.


Sonny explained that he and Ava were not romantically involved. Natalia smiled. Nearby, Ava eavesdropped on Sonny and Natalia.


At Alexis' house, Kristina defended referring to the baby as hers by insisting that she'd only said it one time by accident. She claimed that it was "shorthand" for "the thing that's growing inside of me that's not really mine." Kristina added that the pregnancy had completely taken over her body -- with frequent trips to the bathroom and hormonal changes -- so she didn't know what else to call the baby that was really her sister's and her sister's partner's. "I can see why you might want some kind of shorthand," Alexis said in a measured tone.


Kristina remained agitated and complained that she couldn't win because T.J. didn't think she cared enough about the baby, and Alexis thought she cared too much. Kristina suggested that Alexis and T.J. get together and figure out how much she should care. "Got it. Point taken," Alexis said. Alexis appreciated that Kristina was frustrated with all the "backseat parenting." Mollified, Kristina confessed that she was falling in love with the baby, but she pointed out that it had been unavoidable. "It's a part of me," Kristina said.


Kristina explained that she hadn't planned on it, but she didn't think it was a bad thing for the baby to feel love before it was born. Alexis couldn't disagree. Kristina admitted that she couldn't understand why everyone was freaking out, but Alexis suggested that Kristina's lack of understanding was a concern of its own. Kristina reminded her mother of all the reasons that she had wanted to help Molly, but she felt that Molly and T.J. only complained. Alexis assured Kristina that Molly and T.J. appreciated all that Kristina had done, but she suggested that everyone should give each other some slack.


"You mean me. I have to give them slack," Kristina said. Alexis denied it, but Kristina asked if Molly and T.J. would be policing another surrogate the way that they had her. Before Alexis could answer, Kristina announced that she had to meet Blaze. Alexis hugged Kristina and held her. She explained that Molly and T.J. were anxious because of everything they'd been through, and they feared that the baby would be snatched away from them like everything else before.


Alexis was certain the baby would be born happy and healthy, and Kristina would know that she'd brought that life into the world "without any agenda at all but love." "And that's really cool," Alexis said. Kristina smiled and thanked her mother.


Shortly after Kristina left, Diane stopped by to talk to Alexis about Alexis' upcoming hearing. Alexis thought her chances of her law license being reinstated were bleak, but Diane had found something that might help. Alexis confessed that she had other concerns because a legal crisis was brewing that could shred her family. Alexis filled Diane in about the recent tension between Kristina and Molly. Alexis assured Diane that -- "for the most part" -- Kristina was doing everything that a pregnant woman should. When Diane asked about the "lesser part," Alexis confided that Kristina thought the baby was hers.


Diane pointed out that it was common for a surrogate to have an assortment of feelings, including possessiveness, but Alexis shared that Kristina was falling in love with the baby, and she had referred to it as "my little kicker" when Kristina had felt the baby kick. Alexis explained that it wasn't Kristina's words but the energy behind them that were problematic. Diane asked if Alexis had broached the subject with Kristina. "Yes -- and she got mad," Alexis said.


Alexis feared that it would be disastrous if Kristina's feelings evolved. Diane agreed because Kristina was the egg donor, which meant that Kristina had a legal claim to the baby in the state of New York. Alexis confirmed that Molly and Kristina had a contract, which Diane pointed out was meaningless. She advised Alexis to stay out of it because Alexis might cause one of her daughters to lose a child, which would cost Alexis a daughter in the process.


At Kristina's apartment, she was pleasantly surprised to find that Blaze had used the key that she'd given her. Blaze admitted that she'd had a heated exchange with her mother, so she'd fled to Kristina's apartment before she'd strangled Natalia. "I know the feeling," Kristina said. Kristina admitted that no one made a person "nuts" as much as their own mother.


After Kristina settled on the sofa with a blanket, Blaze went to answer a knock at the door. It was Molly. Molly was surprised to see Blaze and offered to return another time, but Kristina invited Molly in and asked her to join them for dinner. "We're having a meal of organic kale washed ten times by nuns with a side of polyunsaturated yogurt. Sound good?" Kristina asked in a sarcastic tone.


Molly explained that she had left work in middle of the day because she had wanted to see her sister. "I hate the way we left things this morning," Molly admitted. Molly revealed that she had told T.J. to stop micromanaging every part of Kristina's life because it had been out of line. Kristina was skeptical, but Molly assured her that T.J. had gone too far even for her, a control freak. "Thank you," Kristina said.


Molly insisted that Kristina was her sister, not an anonymous egg donor. "I love you, and I trust you," Molly said with sincerity. Blaze asked if Molly could have a similar conversation with Natalia. Kristina assured Molly that she appreciated Molly talking to T.J., but she wanted to be clear that she wasn't expected to disown her father. Molly acknowledged that she and Kristina would never see eye to eye on Sonny, but it wasn't personal because it was Molly's job as an assistant district attorney not to ignore who Sonny was.


Kristina made it clear that she would never ignore her father, but Molly promised that she didn't expect Kristina to. Kristina asked if Molly honestly believed that Sonny posed a danger to the baby. "I do not -- and I promise that T.J. will stop making it an issue," Molly said. "Good luck with that," Kristina muttered. Blaze gently squeezed Kristina's shoulder and gave her a stern look.


Molly thanked Blaze for being there for Kristina because it meant a lot to Molly that Kristina had someone who cared about Kristina as much as Blaze clearly did. "She deserves it," Molly said as she smiled at Blaze and Kristina. Blaze agreed. Kristina smiled and thanked her sister for stopping by to clear the air; it was just one more reason that she loved Molly. Molly and Kristina exchanged a warm hug.


On the next General Hospital...


• Heather asks if Laura thinks Heather might have been a good mother

• John tells Jason that they need to talk about Pikeman

• Carly warns Jason that Sonny is in trouble

• "I'll do whatever it takes to get what I want," Valentin says

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Re: General Hospital 🏥 May 2024 - Spoilers Included

Kirsten Storms Opens Up About Maxie’s Appearance on GH




On a recent episode of Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson’s podcast, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) sat down with her co-stars for a chat that included reflecting upon her 18 years in Port Charles, and sharing how her alter ego has matured during that time. And in a brave moment of vulnerability, Storms told the hosts how a challenging time in her personal life — when she had brain surgery in 2021 — carried over into how she had been portraying her character on the soap.

Storms admitted that she was “so petrified” about her surgery to remove a beign cyst from the lower portion of her brain that she barely told anybody at work about her health issues. “I didn’t want to talk about it,” she confessed. “I didn’t know if I was going to live. That’s how I felt.”


Thankfully, Storms was fine physically following the two-month recovery period after her surgery, but the procedure took its toll on her mental health. “I didn’t bounce back from that mentally and emotionally as quick as I would want to,” she noted. “And I feel like how I felt personally was reflected in Maxie in the show.”


During that period, Storms faced a slew of criticism from viewers about her physical appearance, and therefore how Maxie — who was long known as one of Port Charles’ trendiest characters — looked on screen. “I would constantly get messages about how they didn’t like the way I was dressing. But like, I was only comfortable in those clothes because I was not comfortable with myself,” she revealed. “And I didn’t have the desire to change that for myself for some reason.”


Next month will mark the third anniversary of her surgery, and Storms has recently turned a corner in her mental health. “Now, I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself as I’m learning to take better care of me. And at work, I’m dressing in more fashionable outfits. I’m more into making sure my makeup goes with it,” pointed out the GH star, who typically does her own makeup for work. “I have a really different, cool hairstyle. All the old school Maxie stuff.”


Adding that the Spixie reunion between her character and Anderson’s Spinelli was another positive, Storms suggested, “It does feel like we’re where we were, but older now.


“Maybe we could just like not fully remember Maxie over the last couple of years,” the actress concluded with a laugh, “and we could just jump from Spixie to now. But that is the growth.”