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General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

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Welcome May!✿ღ♥ - PicMix





Happy May Sweeps!


                Welcome to All!




It has been one year since Michael and Willow married to present a united front to the court. 


Some of the things that happened last May. 


  • It was the first full month when GH inserted flashbacks into every show to stretch out the amount of new episodes available after they closed down the set.

  • Speculation continued that Taggert was still alive and being hidden.

  • Details came out that during the time TJ was MIA he was actually kidnapped and being held by unknown people aka Cyrus & Co. Mac investigated while Jordan continued to hold back crucial evidence.


  • Nelle overheard Julian and BLQ as they discussed [for the umpteenth time] that it was Julian who helped to keep Wiley's true identity from Lucas and the rest of his family.

  • Michael and Willow married thinking it would give them an advantage to be granted custody of Wiley; however the night their ceremony took place Nelle overheard Lucy Coe telling Sasha and planned her own triumph.


  • Robert received news that one of his ex-wives Holly was dead.


Since the beginning of the April thread  some stories have moved.


  • Peter [who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer] still keeps managing to outsmart some of the agents who were allegedly some of the best of the WSB.


  • Jason was sent to Pentonville to await trial for the murder of Franco Baldwin.

  • Finn received the results of the DNA test which revealed he was Chase's father. Knowing the reputation of the GH labs Finn submitted DNA for a second test to be completed at Mercy Hospital.

  • Nina continues to live in a fantasy world where she is the only person in Nixon Falls who knows "Mike's" true identity. The more time they spend together, the more attracted to each other they are becoming.


  • Nikolas stupidly hired a mercenary to find Cyrus's mommy in an effort to get Cyrus to protect Alexis while she is in prison.


Thank you to All who answered the April QOTM.   



May Questions of the Month:


Recently Willow and Michael decided they love each other and are ready to make a full commitment to each other.


  1. Do you feel two people need to be married to each other to be good parents?

  2. If you love someone else should you sacrifice that relationship because you are a co-parent with another person?

There are two questions above. You can choose to answer them and/or the third question which is below. Provide details for your answers.


  1. What storyline[s] would you like to conclude during Sweeps month?



I am ending this on a happy note. Many of you have been fully vaccinated and others will be before the end of the month. I am hopefully optimistic that we can begin to resume our lives in a somewhat normal manner. Do whatever you can to ensure this year's summer is better than last year's.


Please and thank you.




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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

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Please let us know if you are celebrating a birthday this month.



Happy Birthday May babies!!! #Birthday #May | May birthday ...



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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

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Locations List removed


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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

Kekes from Northern California.


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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

The Scoop: GH previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of May 3
Cyrus takes steps to ensure he doesn't leave any loose ends
GH Spoilers for the week of May 3, 2021 on General Hospital | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of May 3, 2021.

Britt fills Finn in about her talk with Liz


Britt is undeterred from her mission to help Jason


Liz is shaken

Oh my heart is heavy. Not!


Ava and Nikolas throw out the welcome mat for their loved ones


Jordan is caught off guard by a suspect


Jordan takes stock of things

About time she move from "taking stock" to taking action but then again we are talking about Jordan.


Nina closely guards her secrets from prying eyes


Nina contemplates a drastic change


Carly opts to not hide in the shadows


Carly keenly feels the loss of Sonny


Mac hopes to persuade Dante to return to the fold

Let's not hold the fact that he just tried to kill a man against him. After all it was Curly Criminal.


Dante and Sam strike a deal


Laura and Cyrus have a tense discussion


Cyrus is careful not to leave any loose ends


Cyrus' temper flares

Nothing new or unexpected there.


Brando has concerns about Sasha

It won't be the last time.


Olivia opens up to Robert

She needs to find another friend. She's exhausting


Spinelli answers a call for assistance

Hope he can do whatever's needed. In the past couple of years his abilities have been questionable at best. Dare I say another "has been".


Things don't go as planned for Brook Lynn


Josslyn is reluctant to open up to Jax


Cameron hopes to mend fences with Josslyn

More comic relief.


Jax has concerns about Carly's sudden silence


Portia pays Curtis a visit at his new nightclub  

Like it.


Trina heads to Jordan's place to spend time with Taggert

More angst.


Valentin has reservations about Anna's plans

He needs to get over his crush, stop following her around like a puppy dog, remember who he is, and proceed alone if necessary. 👏


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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

I am really beginning to tire of the slow pace of the plot lines on GH.  I am thinking that I don't need to watch every day and most likely won't espeicially when I go back to work in person full time.  I just won't have the time.


As for the question of the month about storylines...


I really wish someone will find out Sonny - Jax, Trina someone- is living in Nixon Falls and move on with that storyline.  

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

Thank you @Tique (or as I have referred to you "the hostess with the mostess") for your continued dedication to this thread.  


I'll pour another cup of coffee and get back to the QOTM later.


Happy, healthy and a safe May to all.  May we and our loved ones be well.  (Oh, I made a little funny). 



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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

About the monthly questions... Parenting is not something I spend a great deal of time contemplating, but for the record, I think intact happy families are best, but no, I don't think parents necessarily need to be married to be good parents and no, I don't think one sacrifices a happy relationship to co-parent because there will always be resentment and the lack of happiness will show up.


Now, as for the more relevant, to me, question, I'd pretty much like to see all of the currently rotten story lines resolved and the show move on, but that's not going to happen. Clearly, the powers that be simply don't have the talent to quickly conceive of and develop compelling stories. So, if I have to pick but one of the current debacles to wrap up it has to be the 'Sonny. who am I' nonsense. Related, I'd like to see the entire Pennsylvania crew gone. I'd also like to see Maxie finally birth that baby and the ridiculous Brook Lynn nonsense end. I could go on and on but I won't... There are also what are to me 'minor' story lines that hold no interest I'd just as soon they jettison, but no point in going there. Oh, and I'd like to see the teen scene, particularly anything involving Cameron and Trina, over once and for all.

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

In answer to the QOTM No I don't think people need to be married in order to coparent effectively. Case in point, I have a close relative who is divorced and both mother and father are wonderful attentive parents. However, in an ideal world I would prefer to see mother, father and children all living under the same roof.

  As to sacrificing a relationship because you co-parent it really depends on the circumstances. Are you married to the other parent or not? Once again if it's possible to save the marriage and spare the children the pain of divorce that is ideal, but in a real world some marriages just do not work, so in that case it's best to move on into an actual loving relationship.

In the case of Michael and Willow I strongly disliked the idea that she adopted Wiley when they were still planning on annulling the marriage. It was just such a bad idea, and she could have still played a motherly role without officially being his mother. Especially because at that time she was still in love with Chase.  I always felt that Willow was just a tad too invested in Wiley and I'm sure it was because she thought he was hers. But when she found out he wasn't, I felt she still tried to fit Wiley into that empty slot in her life and it was like she forgot to grieve for her own baby.

On the vaccine front we are two weeks post second shot and can finally go to our daughter's house to celebrate her birthday with her and the grands. We used to see them every Friday night and sometimes in between and for the last 14 months only saw them briefly outdoors a few times here and there so we can't wait to actually hug everyone.

One more thing. I am most likely late to the party and this is probably something all the GH viewers already know but I just made the discovery. While I was watching Thursday's show my husband came in the room and looked at Brick and said to me he looks just like a sportscaster from ESPN. Of course I poo pooed him as he always thinks people look like other people and they never are. But I googled it and sure enough Brick is a sports caster. I was surprised to say the least. Did you all already know that?

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2021 ~ Spoilers Included

@abbalulu   so pleased to hear from you. One of the reasons I try to come up with a thought provoking QOTM theme is because I hear from you and a few other ladies who don't post as much during the rest of the month.


As far as Brick's identity I have posted about it but I'm sure some may not have seen it or others may not have been part of our group at the time. I'm not a sports fan but I know who Mr. Smith is.


Originally posted on the September 2020 thread.



@Tique wrote:

Stephen A. Smith Teases His Return to GENERAL HOSPITAL

Chris Van Eades



Stephen A Smith GH studio



Get ready for another visit from Brick! Stephen A. Smith  is returning to General Hospital as Sonny’s tech expert again. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” he declared on Instagram. “Duty calls. The mob needs me in Port Charles. Here I come, GH! Here I come! Look out for my return coming very soon!”...


I like Brick and I'm not the only one. He won't be on long because he probably has to get back to his real job as a Sports Reporter and Commentator.




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