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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

We all know he's moving on to greener pastures so to speak.


I just think it stinks that they took what I think is the easy way out and having him die.


We keep up with social media but there are people who don't and probably wonder if he's really sick.


I know, sounds strange, but there's so much's just my opinion.


I never thought he was that good of an actor.  It was his pronunciation of his words, so precise; it always reminded me he was acting.  


The actress who plays Josslyn is a much better actress, I think.

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

@Annabellethecat wrote:

Why can’t they have just had him leave the show?  These days it seems SOAPS are so dark.  They’re all about people dying.  I’m not talking about Y&R, that’s different.


The writers don’t understand many of the fans are old(er) and we’ve seen so much death in our lives, the last thing we need to see and hear is about such young people ( and babies) dying.


Good grief!  I’ve never seen so much death on a show!  


I want to go back to lighter days when we were trying to figure out who’s sleeping with or angry at who!


 I agree totally with you......i wish they would just have people leave town.....for any reason...but lately especially GH has has SO MANY DEATHS and illnesses with kids

............i know real life has so many sad endings....i want to be entertained...not reminded of the saddest things in life.......maybe once in a while a tearjerker storyline...but GH has just gone overboard lately......they really could have just had Oscar replaced.............

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

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Hi Goyels! I thought I'd pop in today. I watched GH today knowing that Oscar's death was imminent. I agree, he was not the best actor and I wasn't thrilled about the storyline. I must say though, the writers did me proud! Who said that? Did that just come out of my mouth? Yes, I was amazed that they wrote him out so well. Was it time, yes (IMO). Even though we only saw the backs of our beloved Lila and the Grouch Edward, again I thought that it was done well. I never thought I would shed a tear when Oscar passed but I did. 

Now that this storyline has wrapped, bring Mike back not Ryan😝.Enough is enough. 😉

BTW, I agree that there is no need for so much sadness and I never liked the storyline but since they brought it on, they did it justice in the end.

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

I have been bored stiff lately. However the day they sat around playing cards, Jason taking Oscar for a spin, etc. That rang true for me. Today I have to say was an excellent show. Well done writers and actors. I felt the torment of knowing it is coming. The just waiting. I loved the part of Oscar’s mom ( can’t think of her name) get that feeling when he passed. Of course Lila and Edward coming to get Oscar was wonderful.

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

I lost a few minutes in the middle to Nichole Wallace's Deadline, but when I came back, I could see they were exiting Oscar because of Lila and Edward. Realistically, anyone with brain cancer usually goes within a year to 5 years. Oscar had had it for several years. There was not going to be a happy ending with cotton candy and unicorns. It just doesn't work that way. In fact, many times it ends with every thing taken from the patient before coma and finally death. Oscar was allowed an antiseptic death in my opinion. I did find myself sobbing, but it really had more to do with deaths of my own loved ones than it did for Oscar the character. I can't watch a death scene without thinking of people no longer in my life.

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

We all knew it was coming.  And, yes, too much sadness recently.


I do think that Oscar's kidney will be used to save Jordan.  If so, at least Kim and Drew will have a part of their son nearby.


May sweeps seems too soon for the writers to wrap up the cult.  I'm guessing it will drag on all summer.


Just when I was starting to like Chase and Willow together, he jumps in, again, where he doesn't belong.  Chase is jumping to the conclusion that Kristina is missing even though her parents have said she isn't.  He just can't help himself.  I'm thinking he will inadvertently tip off Sleezo about the baby.

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

Michael pretty much told Chase that Sonny had Kristina kidnapped but trying not to actually say it. Chase is not stupid & an officer needs to investigate if he thinks a crime has been commited and Kristina called Valerie so they both have good reason to check it out.

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

  The only tear I had was knowing Lila was there! ANY time Lila and Edward are screen (I know,they passed) I do have weepy face.----------tedEbear

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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

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General Hospital: Crazy And Surprising Spoilers For May 2019


Team “Get Ryan”

Kevin, Ava, and Laura will place a plan in motion to lure Ryan back to town. GH spoilers suggest that Robert will be brought in the fold as well. Kevin will be tested, and Ava will also be placed in an awkward position; however, Ryan will return to the little town when all is said and done.


Jax Back

Jax will come back to help his daughter deal with the loss of her first love. GH spoilers indicate there is an air date set for the return of Jasper Jacks, played by the talented and handsome Ingo Rademacher, and fans need to set their PVRs for Tuesday, May 7th. It’s something you won’t want to miss, as Jax re-enters the crazy world of Port Charles.


Jax’s Storyline

Yes, Jax is back for Joss, but GH spoilers indicate that something else has also signaled this return. Photos of scenes that he has filmed have been released and upon his comeback, and Jax will interact with the following characters: Joss (obviously), Carly, Sonny, and Jason. He’s also reportedly sporting a “new look.”


Liz & Franco

GH spoilers indicate that this super couple will celebrate their new marriage and love in a huge way come May. Having said that, the two need to watch out for bumpy roads ahead in May, as Cameron and Franco’s relationship continues to have friction within it. Not good news for Friz.


Jason & Sam In Danger

GH spoilers tease that JaSam’s plan to take Shiloh down could backfire for them in a dangerous way. It seems that Shiloh will remain to be a thorn in everyone’s side come May, as he will also place a wedge between Chase and Willow. Can someone bring this cult leader down and soon, please?


Nina’s World

Willow will still be pushed around Nina in May. In other Nina spoilers, while she is pleased with Sasha and Michael together, her better half Valentin won’t be so pleased, considering that Michael is a “Corinthos.”


Recast Alert

The actress who is currently playing Nina,announced she was leaving the show. GH has recently recast Cynthia Watros, soap opera and primetime veteran, to the role of Nina. Expect to see Watros enter the land of Port Chuckles come sometime in May.



2019 Nurse’s Ball

It’s that time of year again! One in which most GH fans look forward to! The event that helps raise funds and awareness around AIDS/HIV will once again showcase the hidden talents of Port Charles residents in a highly-entertaining week filled with song, dance, and other acts. Mark your calendars because festivities begin on Thursday, May 16th. GHspoilers promise storylines will be woven in between performers!


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Re: General Hospital ~ May 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

I thought the kid who plays Oscar did an outstanding job yesterday! The whole episode was really well done...very sweet and very sad. Watching Joss, especially, grieve will be hard, though. 


Yay! Jax is coming back! Now...if they would just keep Jax AND Robert, along with Mac, around for more than a nanosecond I'll be a happy camper!