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Re: General Hospital ~ June 2023 ~ Spoilers Included

@grandma r and all.  Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.


I'm beginning (still) to 'come back'.  That was some fall I took.  Not that it was high (maybe around 5' I'm told; but what I hit along the way.


I still have many of the bruises and I'm told they are never going away.  Good thing all this (running my hands down my body will always stayed covered up).  Ha!


I won't go into how I'm still making strides to come back as they say....I'd rather bust on Nina!


I DVR every show...I mean I can fast forward over the commercials...I hate commercials (except the one's withe the those.."Vase..Vase".  Ha!


I never thought I'd do it but I stopped watching Y&R.  Still DVR it (was over 30 episodes).  DVR dropped some and now I'm back to 20 something.


I wonder how the strike is going to affect the soaps.  I read that the producer (?) or someone was writing for GH due to the writer's strike.  But they must have to call a halt now that the actors are striking.


I have mixed feelings about all of it.


Anyway, about GH (did you guys forget how I mentally wonder from this and that)'s worse.


Where was I?  Oh!  I know why they replaced Alexis' daughter.  I don't care for the actress that replaced her.  As a mom and grandmom I worry that she's so thin.  That's not why I don't care for her; I just don't see her in that part.


I'll post some other stuff in the wellness part; don't want to mix stuff up.


Gosh!  I've missed everyone.  It's difficult for me to sit in a chair and type for very long (my neck and back).


I'll go back and read some of your texts about the show.  Most of you know way more than I do about the shows and QVC's coming and going.


Hello to @Tique  Hope you are doing well.  


I can finally tell my Colorado daughter I texted some to you guys.  I told you she often asks about my "QVC ladies".


She knows how much I enjoy corresponding with all of you.


It's different being here in this house without Bill.  I still miss him so much.  My friends are still learning about him dying.


My friend that works for the Vet and I bought him an extra 4 years from when he was 'supposed' to die.  He had a wonderful life here.


Just like my husband dying; it happened so fast.  It's interesting how many people got attached to Bill.  My friend that's what I call 'an old country' guy was visibally shocked when he found out.  He said, "Bill and I were buddies".  It was weird that Bill did really like him.  Ha!


Anyway, have to go.  I've been having trouble with my siatic nerve today and it's acting up again (sitting in the chair).  I have that amazing cream the PA prescribes but it's topical so it doesn't last long.  I finally had to get out one of my hard balls, put it on the wall and roll my fanny over it.  You want to talk about pain....OMG!  It's how to de-tangle the nerves that are tangled....causing the pain.


I miss and love all of you.  Some might think it's weird the friendships one can have on the internet but they wouldn't if they knew all of you and how kind and wonderful all of you are.