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General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

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Happy July All!


July has always been my favorite month. I have a lot of reasons for that but my newest one is that it's my one year anniversary of starting the GH threads. I had previously started a few but last July I decided to see if I could - along with all of you - make our threads better. Even though we already had a core group, it was important that we also be welcoming to newcomers.


When I first started posting on this board I felt invisible for months. It took me a while to find a group of people with whom I had a connection. I credit @Preds with helping me to realize that just as this is her safe place, it is also mine. Thank you All for making the monthly GH threads some of the most popular in the TV Forum.



I mentioned earlier on the June thread that we are currently in July Sweeps. Just to refresh your memory, here's a recap of some of the things that happened during this period last year.


  • After weeks of being kept in that cabin by Liesl and Nina, Peter was rescued.

  • Michael and Nelle were married in a faux ceremony.

  • Michael worked with the PCPD - specifically Chase - to set up a sting operation to prove Nelle was trying to murder Michael.

  • The van carrying Liesl to prison crashed and she escaped.

  • Michael crashed the car which he and Nelle were in. Nelle was wandering down the highway and ran into Liesl who was forced to deliver Nelle's baby.


Here's hoping that we get the same kind of action this year. Here's my Wish List:


  • Nelle and Ryan will try to escape from Ferncliff. In the process of the police trying to re-capture them, they will both be killed.

  • The DNA test will be done on Shiloh proving once and for all that Wiley/Jonah is not his son. A subsequent DNA test on Willow will yield the same results.

  • Brad will finally have to confess that he not only covered up the real Wiley's death but that he knowingly took possession of the real Jonah while allowing Michael and his entire family to think Jonah was dead. Brad will lose everything including Lucas and be sentenced to life in prison.

  • Wiley will celebrate his 1st Birthday with his father and the rest of his family.

  • Shiloh will be tried and convicted for his multiple crimes, sent to Pentonville, and we will never ever see him again.


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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

Please let us know if you are celebrating a July birthday.


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July 6 - Tique



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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

@BeckiWV  you caught my little hint. To answer your question which I side stepped earlier: Yes my BD is soon. I've already posted it above. Thanks again.



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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

General Hospital Spoilers for Monday July 1:


Jason and Sam reconnect.

Chase expresses his concerns.

Mac works his magic.



General Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday July 2:


Carly suffers a sleepless night.

Finn sympathizes with Chase.

TJ shares his findings from a DNA search.



General Hospital Spoilers for Wednesday July 3:


Franco worries about Cameron.

Alexis is caught off-guard.

Josslyn gets an invitation.



General Hospital Spoilers for Thursday July 4:


An encore of the March 8th episode where Jason shot Ryan before he grabbed Ava and jumped off the bridge will be shown. 


General Hospital Spoilers for Friday July 5:


Harmony gets a visit.

Sam proposes a solution.

Kristina asks Neil to council her and her mom.



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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

GH Crazy Plotline Predictions For Summer 2019


There’s something special about summertime in Port Charles! The weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and the drama tends to heat up, too! GH fans love to watch storylines unfold, but it’s that much more fun to speculate around the “what ifs.” In the spirit of wondering “what will happen next,” below are some crazy plotline predictions for summer 2019:

Love Triangle Gets Ugly

It’s crystal clear that a love triangle is forming between Nina, Jax, and Valentin as Nina and Jax’s working relationship may trickle into their personal lives this summer. Cassadine will try with all his might to hold on to Nina, and she may end up feeling guilty about her attraction to Jax.


Valentin’s Little Lie

That is, until the truth comes out! It is clear Valentin’s secret-daughter scheme storyline with Sasha has been placed on the backburner, for now. Nina will spend the summer feeling drawn to Jax, but holding back because of Valentine. On the cusp of fall, this secret is bound to come out, and it will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Vina, sending Nina into Jax’s arms.


Cassadine Versus Jax

There’s already some bad blood between Valentin and Jax. Both alpha males, Cassadine can already feel he’s losing Nina to the handsome Australian. In the end, it just may be Jax who finds out that Sasha is not Nina’s daughter, and that Valentin was behind it. If that’s the case, this could launch a full-out war between Jax and Cassadine heading into the fall.


Baby Wiley Secret

But before Nina finds out the truth, another major secret will rock Port Charles. It’s about time Michael find out the truth around Baby Wiley, and Nelle may spill the beans around it all to protect her child from creepy cult leader Shiloh, and the custody battle he has recently launched.


The aftermath of Brad’s Lie

Brad will lose Lucas, not to mention his friendship with Michael, and he may have to deal with the wrath of both Carly and Sonny, too. Then, there’s Julian and his role in all of this. When the secret around Baby Wiley’s true bio parents is revealed, Jerome will be outed as well. This could potentially affect his relationship with Kim, and he’ll have to deal with some backlash from Alexis as well.


Olivia Jerome Returns?

GH spoilers tease that actress Veronica Cartwright, best known for her movie roles in Alien and The Witches of Eastwick, is set to stroll into Port Charles come July. Everything is quite hush-hush around this, including the character she will be playing, plus the storyline, but, there is one thing that fans know: she will be connected to Ava Jerome. Cartwright’s stint on the show will be short, and may very well set up a new storyline that Ava will continue throughout the summer. Could Cartwright be an Olivia Jerome recast that will be sprinkled in here and there for storyline purposes? Ava may turn to Olivia for advice on something.


Willow’s Secret

GH spoilers tease more secrets surrounding Willow. We already know she had a baby with a cult leader and the mother who raised her is a sociopath; however, perhaps the final secret that will be revealed about her is more about her bio mom, and not her. GH keeps hinting that she could be Nina’s long-lost daughter, and she might likely reveal tidbits around this during the summer months.


Hayden Returns

GH spoilers suggest that Hayden is on her way back to Port Charles, and she’s returning with a purpose. Teasers also reveal that Finn will deal with a mysterious health issue, so the two could be related or separate. There’s a good chance that Hayden returns simply to let Finn know about the child he has, and then weeks later Finn gets sick, with a potential cure that is only linked to offspring. She may also be returning because of his medical condition.


Friz Breaks Up

Elizabeth and Franco have had their ups and downs, but they are married, with a celebration for friends and family set for the near future. GH spoilers indicate that Friz will struggle this summer, so it’s hard not to wonder if the two are headed to splitsville and soon. Many want to see these two together, and many want to see them break up.


New Lady For Drew?

It’s been a long while since Drew Cain has been in a relationship. The chemistry between him and Margaux wasn’t quite right; however, he and Liz always had sparks between them. Cam is struggling right now, and Franco can’t seem to figure out how to help the teen. Drew has spent time with all of Liz’s boys, and is especially close to Jake, and with just losing Oscar, could Cam and Drew bond, opening a door for a Liz and Drew romance this summer?


Dev Rocks Port Charles

That Turkish homeless teen that helped Sonny find Dante is sure to rock the Port Charles scene this summer. While CarSon struggles with worry about their baby’s arrival, Sonny will undoubtedly want to watch over Dev and help him settle into the little town. Meanwhile, it’s clear that he and Josslyn are sure to bond, and potentially hook up at some point. Perhaps Dev will help her to move on from Oscar’s death.



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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

@Tique   First of all, thank you for starting these monthly threads.  In addition to information, spoilers, and guesses, we have a fun group of ladies.  All are welcome and opinions accepted.  


I totally agree with your wish list for July!!!!

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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

Just wanted to commend you, Tique, for your work involved in this thread. You are also such a wonderful writer. Your writing has an easy flow to read and I enjoy this thread so much.  Thank you.

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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

GH Spoilers: Shiloh (Thinks He) Knows All



General Hospital Spoilers Monday



Monday's Spoilers reveal things getting crazier than ever in this nearly-year-long baby switch saga with Shiloh smack dab in the middle of it, of course.


Baby Blues
Brad can somehow look at Michael while holding Wiley, firmly believing he has more rights to the child than Michael does because he needs to believe Nelle. He also apparently needs to tell Michael as much about the Wiley custody case as possible. Brad now realizes he’s in even bigger trouble than he thought and lets Michael know it, but vaguely of course. And, as expected, Michael is still as clueless as ever to why he feels such a pull to this child.


Even more heartbreaking is poor Willow who will do anything to protect the child she thinks is hers. She’s even in jail for it, but it looks like Chase and Mac manage to work some magic about that situation.


Meanwhile, Shiloh now knows where Wiley is because Kim of all people had to tell him in her quest for cult leader sperm donor guidance. Lucas’s tirade in the park likely didn’t help either, but Kim’s rambling confirmed things. As expected, Shiloh now goes straight to his lawyer with the information. Jason and Sam are still on the job at least. They are going to bring Shiloh down no matter what it takes. This time, Sam wants Jason to let her handle it. (Like when she handled it and got branded and nearly raped.)


Finding Dante, Part II
In the non-Shiloh world, there’s the Find Dante World. That mainly consists of an obsessed Maxie who is determined to make her best friend happy. Laura may have even caught the fever because she insists he finds out as much information about Dante as possible.


Drew’s Grieving Too
Upstairs in the Aurora offices, Drew is lamenting his life to someone. Does he need to make a change? And a change that will be more sensible than the one Kim is so desperate for.




We're not surprised Brad can look Michael in his face - knowing what he's done/is still doing. Brad is completely without a conscience or a moral compass.


Yeah Sam. You go ahead and handle it. You've given us plenty of reasons to believe you're all that and a bag of chips. Not!!!



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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

Once again I ask WHAT draws Lucas to that sniveling, amoral Brad?  I just don't get it. So far I can find no redeeming traits in this little weasal, and I never could. By all rights, he should not even be working at GH or any other hospital after past things he has done, and that doesn't even count baby stealing and failure to report a death of a baby. I just don't get it. Does this actor have a huge fan base???

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Re: General Hospital ~ July 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

@Tique  I came home a short while ago, ate and plotzed down. Happy Anniversary! You should be patting yourself on the back! I never looked at the headings of the thread at the beginning of the months, so I never would have realized it was a year that you started it! I also don't read the spoilers. I prefer not to know. I hope against hope, something good will happen and then I would be pleasantly surprised.

So, again Happy Anniversary!😘👏👏👏👏👏

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