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Re: General Hospital ~ August 2022 ~ Spoilers Included

Ladies,  having just read your comments,  I don't know if I should cry or vent.  Bringing Nelle back is just ridiculous!!!!  I see absolutely nothing positive about her return or any s/l.


Nik is becoming revolting.  If he is trying to silence Ava, he's not very smart about it.  Imo, this actor really has not stepped into the role.


@RainCityWoman , I agree that Rebecca deserves a decent s/l.  I can't even remember when she had decent material to work with.  I also think the actress has gotten very thin.


@mysoutherncomfort , You're absolutely right.  Being a pleasant patient is a joy for the caregivers too.  Happy that drain is out!!!


As we end August, I hope our show moves forward in a positive way.  I do hope Frank and company finally listen to the loyal viewers.  Rewriting GH history to accommodate the recent hires is a big mistake.  If they can't come up with anything meaningful, stop.  Go back to square one and cut your losses.  Many of these additional characters are not positive for the show.  Good acting should be a priority!!!


Ok, enough for now.  Giving myself a headache trying to make sense of any of this.

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Re: General Hospital ~ August 2022 ~ Spoilers Included

I wasn't really watching during the Nelle period, but she is Wiley's mother.  Is it possible she comes back, forms a relationship with Nina, sues Michael and Willow for custody and then leaves Wiley with Nina.  The actress is only coming back for a short time.  Wouldn't it be interesting to see Nina end up with custody and Michael begging her to see his son.


With all the GH people returning from the dead, isn't it time to bring AJ Quartermaine back?  Heck, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Lila comes back too.

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Re: General Hospital ~ August 2022 ~ Spoilers Included

The September thread is up.


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