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Re: General Hospital ~ April 2020 ~ Spoilers Included

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Everyone is getting mad at Nelle so it may be she might be leaving as that is what usually happens when a character is bad and she and Michael just met so of course he will be number one on the list should she disappear somehow. Wouldn't that be something if Michael and Willow get married and then Nelle is out of the picture. Chase won't be able to pry Willow away from that baby.  I still think it would be an interesting story if TJ got involved with Portia, its about time she got someone and why not make it a younger man.  However, is Trina's Dad really gone, Jordan is talking to someone on that phone and who else could it be I wonder.  Also, I did not think it was right of Sam to approach Brando like that, why is she so interested. 

I have also wondered if Taggert is actually still alive. Not sure how they pulled that off as he died in the hospital and I assume there was a funeral. He may be doing things under cover while the dude from Seattle thinks he is dead. I can't imagine who else it would be.

Also, Carly is not as dense as I though. She KNOWS Sasha staged the whole thing and why.