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Re: General Hospital ~ April 2019 ~ Spoilers Included

@RainyDayGirl wrote:

@BeckiWV wrote:

Ephinany looks great, always love seeing her 

Very talented lady, but I fear for her health. She's not that old, and she's morbidly obese. Oddly enough, in real life, I notice many real medical personnel at my clinic who are in the same boat. I'm not skinny, nor am I fat, but it makes me sad when I see any young people in such bad shape at this earlier part of their lives. I want so much for them to be healthy and lengthen their lives.

@RainyDayGirl I tend to notice a lot of overweight nurses as well.  You would think they would take better care of themselves, knowing what they know.  But I think they spend so much time taking care of their patients that they neglect their own health. 

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