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yahoo!I'm getting free hbo and Cinemax  this weekend with my cable company.this is rare.only bad thing I do nothing else but binge I the only 1 who binges ?

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Thanks for letting us know. We had no idea. 

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I have Comcast Xfinity X1 and they have their free Watchathon going now with access to Starz, HBOMax, Epix, Showtime, Hitz among others, through May 3. I looked at what they have to offer and found nothing that really interests me. I already have free HBO but rarely find anything worthwhile on there. It seems that the same movies and programs are rerun over and over and over. I have better luck with free all time access to movies found with my smart TV. I have never been much of a fan of series TV programs. If I want to see something not offered on Comcast at a particular moment, I usually can find it on Youtube with the smart TV.

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@sherrikay @My cable company has free Showtime this weekend. Fun, but rather have free HBO and Cinemax!

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We're getting free Showtime.  Not sure anything worthwhile is on that channel.

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Our experience w/ these "free movie channels" is that we can never find any movies we want to watch.

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I have free all Show Time channels, Flix and TMC and TMC Max. I never find anything worth watching. Just not my kind of movies. BTW, I have RCN cable.

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I don't understand, except for the ones where they give out like a couple days  of free.   Some people just get these channels for free all the time?


Is this why those of us who have to pay for these channels pay so much?

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     For those of you getting free 'trails' this weekend, what cable company are you using??  I have Spectrum and have not received any info about free TV channels!!

     I used to pay for HBO and Showtime, but found that I rarely watched those channels!  So I discontinued the subscription. Started buying Acorn and watch it every day for most of my entertainment! So worth the charged!

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@chickenbutt      No  worries.  The cable companies offer free  watching of some subscriber channels for a set period of time.  Comcast's Xfinity "Watchathon" is ending this Monday.


It is meant to try to "hook" the customer into sampling and then maybe deciding to upgrade and add some premium channels permanently.





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