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I just got my TV Guide, this was the cover story. Law & Order:For The Defense (NBC). This will be on Thursday night for the sweep. This hasn't been cast yet, set at a criminal defense firm. CSI:Vegas (CBS) the franchise returns to where it all began for the sequel which finds the Vegas Crime Lab's new head (Paula Newsome) calling in reinforcements in a crisis. William Petersen, Jorja Fox, Wallace Langham, and Paul Guilfoyle return. Newbies Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez, and Mandeep Dhillon. NCIS:Hawaii (CBS). The team will be lead by a woman, Vanessa Lachey. Lastly FBI:International (CBS). This will complete the FBI Tuesday sweep. The cast is TBA, there will be a three way cross over event. 

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Re: Four Fall Spin-Off Shows

Vanessa Lachey? That's scraping the bottom of the acting barrel. 🙄

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Re: Four Fall Spin-Off Shows

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Sheesh, still more permutations of the same tired, decades old programming concepts. No wonder network TV is waning... None of the above will be making their way onto my DVR... Sort of pitiful, actually, this is all they can come up with...

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Re: Four Fall Spin-Off Shows

I just can't stand Jorja Fox and won't watch anything with her in it.

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Re: Four Fall Spin-Off Shows

Excited for the new Law and Order.