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Just watched the first episode yesterday. I like the main chacter and always liked the woman detective when she was the Asst. D.A. on Law & Order. (Would have liked her relationship with Linus Roche settled on that before they ended the series.

Fans of the old show New Amsterdam will find this one a bit similar. In that, the immortal man was best friends with an older Black bartender who we ended up finding out was his son. Sound familiar? Hmm, replace older Black bartender with older Jewish shop-keeper who immortal saved as a baby, and Viola! Wonder how much else they'll borrow.

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Why does every show I really love get cancelled but Big Brother has gone on for 17 freakin' seasons?  Oh, I know why.  Because it had an intriguing plot, great writing...

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Exactly how I feel.  My favorites are always cancelled.  

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I was very sad that this show was cancelled.  I thought it was marvelous.  It had intrigue, it had tenderness, it had comedy, it even had a little romance.  I loved all the characters.  It was very well done.  

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I was sorry to see it go to, ABC took a lot of heat for this decision.

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@SydneyH wrote:

I was sorry to see it go to, ABC took a lot of heat for this decision.


They did?? .....  GOOD !!