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Re: Forensic Files

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I like the true crime shows and watch ID2 obsessively until it became mostly reruns as most things do that I watch obsessively.  I just can't watch the same show over and over again.  A long time ago I enjoyed the real-life medical shows like Trauma-Life in the ER.  You can still find it, but it's all reruns.  And then a friend got me hooked on Live PD.  Well, that one's completely gone.  The new streaming service Fox Nation now carries COPS, but I liked Live PD a lot better than COPS, and I'm not paying for another TV channel.  At least now I figured out I can listen to the local PD's dispatch, all except the little town I actually live in since they went encrypted. 

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Re: Forensic Files

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Part of my career I spent working in a city forensics lab. I met Joe Kenda during that time. The work in the lab was very cool but also stressful. I had to go to court for some cases and sometimes I would be on-call. That would put a damper in my social life let me tell you.

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I haven't watched Forensic Files in a long time. I was lucky to meet and get to know Richard Walter who did the profile on John List and was on an episode of FF about List.


I met him when a murder trial was going on in town.  My boss did not do murder cases but the out of town prosecutors and state police used our conference room at times. Richard was with them.


After the trial ended he was in town for a few months and would pop in and ask me, "do you have time?"  If I wasn't too busy he plopped down and we talked murder and mayhem. He told me about cases he worked


He is one of those people you could spend hours talking to.

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