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I love FF but can't stand FF2 - it's not remotely the same.  Besides the narrator who a lot of people complain about theshow is just different.  I watched the first one last night - you knew who it was from the get-go - no mystery involved.  And they don't show as much of the victim either - very little background.  I started watching the second one and turned it off.   This is a perfect example of it wasn't broke - shouldn't have fixed it.  Peter Thomas died so they had to have a new narrator but why change the rest?  Even the opening/intro?  I'll keep watching the repeats of 1.

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I've been watching Forensic Files for years. It's one of my go to shows when nothing else is on which is quite often. I saw the new one advertised but haven't watched it yet.

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@SadieWadie wrote:

I'm the same with The First 48!

@Jaspersmom wrote:

AND when I'm in my car, I listen to it on Sirius' HLN.  I've heard so many episodes over and over that I can tell you in the first two minutes how the person died and who did it - LOL.  


@SadieWadie The First 48 is awesome. I am seriously disappointed that they changed the opening music though. I thought it was one of the best openings for a show ever. Smiley LOL

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I also enjoy the original FF shows.  It seems like FF2 is just recycling crimes they covered in FF1.