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This show got a preview last night on FOX, it will be on Wednesdays at 8:00. It's a dating show hosted by Jenna Dewan, it had success in the U.K. One single learns two dances, then dances with two suitors ( they don't speak, they learn the dances separately), the single then choses between the two. I thought the concept was dumb, I would watch the show only if there wasn't anything else on, I wouldn't go out of my way to see it.

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The show would be a pass for me as well.


Although, Jenna Dewan is a good choreographer.

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So basically the single is selecting the suitor based on looks and physical ability....makes about as much sense as 90 Day Fiance.  Entertainment at its bestSmiley Wink

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I caught the last half last night and it was interestng. The girl was lovely, but that voice would kill most of her relationships. So, for her, it was great that there was no verbal communication!  I wonder how they select the participants. I will watch again before I decide if I will continue.


Based on the comments here, though, I won't be surprised if this is a one-and-done show.

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I'd check it out out of interest but I think it would get old after a few episodes. 

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I only watched a couple of minutes and agree that her voice would be like fingernails on a chalkboard. Listening to that voice day after day would drive  anyone away.

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Another pathetic attempt to get 15 minutes of fame.  These ridiculous shows claiming you can "find love" are so misguided.  Obviously the networks today will air anything!

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This one has so many strikes against it... Not interested in another amateur singing/dancing/whatever show... Not interested in another dating show... And not at all interested in Jenna Dewan... 

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Wasn't ging to watch but I love dancing, so decided to give it a try.  Don't care for Jenna Dewan that much.  However, I thought it was interesting.  I sort of enjoyed it.  I will give it a chance!  

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In case anyone is interested the show is on now.