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Re: First Planet of the Apes

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I'm a huge sci-fi fan. I loved the original Planet of the Apes when it first came out. I also had a crush on Charlton Heston. I know my mother did, too! Back then the ending was super surprising.


I've seen the Boston Strangler movie. It's a compelling movie. I'm a big true crime stories fan, too.


There were some liberties taken with the truth but if I remember much of the story was true. It had an eerie effect on me. When I was a college student in Boston our dormitory complex was right across the street from the apartment building where Albert Di Salvo's last victim was killed. Too close to home.

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Re: First Planet of the Apes

The original POTA with Heston is a great movie! The sequels were ok.  I’ve never seen the TC movie you mentioned.