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I haven't seen Suits for several seasons.  I loved it in the beginning and everything that went on in the law office and the personal lives of the characters.  However I got turned off once Mike went to jail and I didn't watch too much after that.


I think I'll look it up and see what I've missed.  Glad to hear that Donna & Harvey are together.

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Watching last night, seeing Louis in a Speedo with his plumber’s crack , I can only think of Phoebe from Friends when she said “My eyes, My eyes”!

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I am so bored w/this finale season.  Will stay to the end because I am too invested (never missed an episode) and to see Donna's runway couture dresses.  Donna & Samantha are trying to out do each other when it comes to couture outfits.


Anyone notice Donna's red hair changes shade during the same episodes? 837514213.gif

Dark red = wig?

Brownish/blond red = real hair?

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