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Did anyone watch this new show last night starring Kim Cattrall?

I was not impressed.  Kim seemed so stiff and just going thru the motions.  Not sure I will watch again.

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I agree, a little disappointed but will give it more tm.

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           I also agree!!  The show came across like a play of theater class seniors at the end of their high school year!  Very different Kim C!!  Will watch next week, but not really impressed...

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Well, I was not impressed because the acting seemed kind of off.

I am going to give this series a go because the......

father is still alive!  Unknown if the 2 girls w/him survived too. 


The one illegitimate son is.....

actually in a coma & his brother used his DNA


The previews for upcoming episode looked good!

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I'm going to give it a chance since there is nothng else new and of interest airing elsewhwere in this time slot. 

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has potential 

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Okay, so I'm in the minority I liked it a lot. Seems one of the illegitimate "sons" isn't  really the heir, his brother in the hospital must be.

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I watched and thought it was ok. I am willing to stick with it. 

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I watched it and liked it!  Looking forward to next week.  There is rarely anything on network TV that I watch, so I am happy there was something new to watch.

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Re: Filthy Rich

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Agree @grandma2pkmh, I only watched a little of it. Just did not

enjoy it. Turned it and will not watch anymore. What is it with

Gerald McCraney? On 2 shows he starred and is killed off,

this show and This Is Us.