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I have so many it  is hard to name all of them:

"Come to the Stable"

"Bishops Wife" (both versions)

"Say One fpr Me"--this has Bing Crosby and Robert Wagner( he dances and very well). anyway my favorite secular holiday song is sung in this film. "It's the Christmas things you do all year round" 

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Re: Favorite holiday film

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guess mine... lol


Mary Bailey = It's A Wonderfull Live


I watch it at least twice a year, since forever!

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" A Christmas Carol, " but it has to be the 1951 version with Alistar Sim as Scrooge. I just love it. 

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We do not celebrate Christams but Love Actually is surely my most fav holiday flick

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I'll get back to you in a month when my mind turns to Christmas.


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@Mary Bailey    Me Too!



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It's a Wonderful Life.



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ike "A Christmas Carol" too....but the one with George C Scott...

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A Christmas Memory /with Patty Duke &


Christmas Story