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I stream music. I stopped buying CD a while back. 

I have Napster and Amazon Unlimited. 


I play Smooth Jazz and Neo-Soul and R&B. Many artists today release tracks of music not complete albums. 

Napster allows customers to group the tracks into a collection. Amazon does not.  

 What is your favorite music streaming service and why? 



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@nutmeg3 -

Hi! I never heard of Napster but I did try Amazon and just found it too complicated or not so user friendly.

Or maybe I'm just used to Pandora

which I do like very much.

I don't want extra this and that, just very simple and straightforward, and

nothing to figure out. Woman TongueWoman Frustrated

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I listen to Pandora 

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Siruis and Amazon

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Sirius and the free version of Spotify even though I still have about 4000 songs on playlists in iTunes.  LM

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Pandora for me hands-down. I love creating my own stations, being able to eliminate what I don’t like, add what I do, etc. I pay for the lowest premium channels so I don’t get any ads. I use Amazon for my gym playlists, have the free app of Spotify mainly if I want to hear a particular song. SiriusXM purchased Pandora and I’m a little worried they’re going to change it. I would be lost, lol. I do listen to Sirius in the car.

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I mostly play my IPOD ITunes thru my Bose Wave (just got the new one and moved old one to bedroom). 


I check out cd's at the library, download them to computer and return. any I REALLY like, I buy used cd version as a backup. 


Pandora sometimes; don't want to pay for streaming when I have plenty of my own music.