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Thanks, @Stray !

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Amazon sells the collection of DVD FITA movies, four excluding the most recent miniseries, and it's $23.

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So riveting and also sad it's over but it got to the point where Ellen Burstyn takes over in the following series so it had to end with them arriving at Foxworth Hall.    I loved it so much that both weeks i started watching the repeats at 4pm and went through until 10.    The other series are just as addicting and amazing.   Hope those are all aired, too, in correct sequence.  I will watch again.   Smiley Happy 

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If you have Spectrum On Demand, they are all there also the Heaven series & Ruby (Landry) except book 5.
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I am still laughing my butt off at the sign the papers scene. I have to remember that for the next staff meeting. Smiley LOL