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Not your typical renovation program.  It's a French Castle with gardens, outbuildings and a 45 room Chateau.  The couple are English and very interesting as people.  She's very artistic and he is retired military, a trained engineer, fabulous cook and more than willing to bring her vision to life!  I find it completely fascinating.  Last week's episode was installing a cylindrical pneumatic elevator into one of the turrets.  He did all the grunt work.  Cutting out the hole on all three floors for the tube, all done by hand.  Fascinating.  She decorated the landings.  They used an outside company to do the installation.  It was amazing!  It's taken them six years and there are 7 seasons but my PBS is showing Season 1.  They rent it out as a wedding venue and other events.


It is amazing to see their vision come to life!  I am, totally, addictive.  The two of them are quite the characters and are raising two small children all during this!  Her parents live with them and do a lot of the work as well.  For me throughly enjoyable.


It's on my PBS, Monday evenings at 10:00 just after Inside The Ritz!