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Re: Erin Napier of Home Town

@grandma r  - Most of her design styles are put together by her professional design team. They are frequently shown and provide her with the new floor plans, colors, tile, furniture/accessories, etc., to stage the houses. 

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Re: Erin Napier of Home Town

I've seen little Helen from previous shows. She looks just like her mommy, and even wears her the same as mommy! So cute!!!

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Re: Erin Napier of Home Town

not a lot of new programs, because of the virus, so they are re running oldies. new ones should start soon, i hope.

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Re: Erin Napier of Home Town

I've become a big fan of Home Town and enjoy watching Erin and Ben. He is not only an expert woodworker but he also has great imagination and creativity in reusing material. He wastes nothing. Erin's watercolors of the different homes is so clever and heartwarming. I can say that as a born-and-bred Northeast Yankee, I've gained a new appreciation of Mississippi.

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Re: Erin Napier of Home Town

@10sluvr. Last night's episode at 7pm CT was the kick off of the new season.  Very heartwarming story on the family buying the house.

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Re: Erin Napier of Home Town

ARGGGGGGg i forgot about it last night.  I love this show and I have their book.


When I am feeling comfortable I hope to make a trip to Laurel sometime.


Originally hubby and I were going to go after retirement but since he passed, I will make the trip in his honor.  I think it will be fun to visit there.


I do not expect to run into them and I would  never violate their privacy but do think it would be a fun trip during safer times.


I do love that they try to repurpose as much as they can.

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Re: Erin Napier of Home Town

LOVE the show and really love them both.  they are totally authentic!   and, yes, i love her hair of course!  and those cute little work boot type shoes that she wears!