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I just watched recently and deleted from my DVR.  It was 11 episodes.  I would agree on Darren Criss's portrayal of Cunanan.  I hesitated watching because I knew the story.  The series was far better than expected.  Criss's portrayal added to the series.  I would also add that the supporting players were all also excellent.  It was a well done series and deserved it emmy award for all involved.

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I'd love to see that!  @chickenbutt  I'll look for it.  Thanks!

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They praised Winkler on The Talk today and were so happy for him, he said he has carried his speech around for 43 years, and told his adult kids they could now go to bed, so cute!! Yesterday would have been John Ritter's 70th birthday, he and Winkler were BFF's, , he was smiling down on Henry last nite.