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Re: Ellen seems cruel

@lovesrecess wrote:
She isn’t the only one who gets paid to help people make fools of themselves....but from the commercials for her show it does seem especially brutal....but there are plenty of people willing to put themselves through anything for attention.


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Re: Ellen seems cruel

People who sign on to Ellen's games aren't forced, right? I have an entirely different perspective of the meaning of the words cruel and brutal.


Potential contestants are interviewed at length and their ability to handle the game, whatever it is, is taken seriously due to legal issues.


Speaking of shows that cause discomfort, how about "What Would You Do?" where the location encompasses very unsuspecting people who didn't sign on, and if paid anything for giving their reaction on camera, it is probably some minimum amount.


It seems like Ellen's gamers go in with their eyes as wide open as possible given it is a surprise-type game show.



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Re: Ellen seems cruel

Not a fan, and never will be.  I didn't like her line at the Q either, or her remotes with Carolyn. Boring.

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

I used to be a fan of the daytime Ellen show.  But I got tired of all the u-tubers - kids dancing, and others looking for their 15 minutes of fame.  Also all the jumpers and screamers volunteering to be humiliated for a big screen TV.  I don't know about her being cruel, but I saw her on QVC a couple times selling her decor items - which in my opinion are nothing special.  And I guess she thought she was being funny, but she said something to the effect in regards to the price - "That's all? We need to charge more $$ for that.  I'm not making enough $ on that.." 


I thought she was acting greedy.  When she first started her ED website for her clothing and accessories, the items were sent and wrapped in a nice little bag, like a special gift.  The next time I had ordered something, there was no nice little bag, just a wadded up stained item which I immediately returned and thought never again.  She just turned me off one too many times I guess.  I haven't watched the nighttime game show - no desire.

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

@Venezia wrote:

Funny how often people say they don't watch, won't watch or even have never watched a particular show, but have a very definite opinion about how cruel, mean, nasty someone is.  And even hypothesize about someone's motivations.  (I'm no psychiatrist, so I'll leave that to the experts.)


I'm puzzled how one makes an informed decision on that basis.  From reading tabloids or online stories?


In this particular instance, I don't watch the daily show very often, but I do watch the game show.  The contestants know exactly what they're signing on for; the possibility of winning the $100,000 prize is worth it to them, it seems.  (And I haven't seen anyone being injured or maimed yet!  If your ego can't stand you looking silly, best to stay away.)

It's the same with "The View", they don't watch but know more information than those who do watch. 

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

I'm not impressed by her or her show however the rags have reported her diva antics for years.

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

So much negativity!  I am not someone that watches Ellen as a rule, but I am aware of what she does to her guests on her talk show, and I am aware of the premise of her game show.  No one has a gun held to their head to participate on either show. 


I have kids that spend the entire month of October going to haunted houses in search of the ultimate scare.  They want to be scared, but have become a bit immune to it.  They also love a good scary movie.  My oldest is an adrenaline junkie.  He loves a good thrill.  He complained about the bungee jump in Vegas because they don't let you bungee all the way down, but control the drop at the end.  His friends are a lot like him.  They would never see any of Ellen's scares or her game show as cruel.  I am so used to this stuff having kids like this that I don't give it a second thought.  


We took my mom with us when I took my kids skydiving, and she had her rosary beads out the entire time.  Mom grew up in a little midwestern town, and despite living in California for nearly 60 years, she can't shake her sheltered roots.  She would agree with the posters here who don't like what Ellen does.  She just grew up differently.  I think a lot of this is age related as well.  As I get older, I realize I am past so many of the things I would have done when I was younger.  I refuse to pay attention to the gossip rags.  I have always been and always will be adult enough to know not to do that. 

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

I think she acts like a person that does like to see people scared . I quit watching her show also. That jumping out of boxes and that dropping people from height , so not my type of entertainment. 

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

I think so too.  I have not wayched her game show but have seen promotional video previews, she seems to delight in the knowledge of what will happen unpleasantly, to the game players---all at the touch of her button/handle.


Seems kind of sadistic.  Not my thing, but a lot of people enjoy her.

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

Hurting others isn't funny to me.