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This may have come up before but, watching Ellen’s daytime show as well as glimpsing her evening game show program, I’m left with the impression that Ellen’s humor is derived from hurting, embarrassing, sliming, and degrading others. I no longer watch.  Perhaps she is trying to erase her goody-two-shoes image. Clearly there are plenty of fans who are willing to subject themselves to punishment. For me, however, there is something cruel and sadistic about it.


@Vivian Florimond 


I haven't read every post, but no, Ellen definitely isn't known to be a nice person by those that know her.   


Like many "public figures",  (not just show business),  they can adapt a "nice person public persona", but that is not who they really are. 


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Re: Ellen seems cruel

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And how many of "those that know her" do you know personally?


Unless I know someone personally, I wouldn't be able to say with certainty that who they appear to be "is not who they really are".   It's like the "a friend of a friend of a friend said..."  Hearsay.


And even then, it would only be my opinion of someone I know; others would likely think differently, based on their own interactions. 


(However, at the end of the day, what a silly waste of time this topic is.  No point discussing it further.)

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Re: Ellen seems cruel

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I'm shocked to see a lof negative posts about Ellen. She seems to be nice and helps a lot of people. But behind cameras,  she is  probably more serious, not funny.  I have wooden ornaments from her brand ED .