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Just noticed "The Sandpiper" is coming on at noon EST.


Love the song, "The Shadow of Your Smile" and enjoy Elizabeth and Richard together.


A rather depressing movie, but beautiful scenery on the California coast.



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@Witchy Woman  Oh, yes, I have that movie saved on my DVR and have watched it many times. 


The ending is a bit sad but, as you mention, the music and scenery are beautiful and seeing Burton & Taylor with intense "chemistry" between them was a testiment to their real-life romance/marriage(s).


I heard Elizabeth Taylor remark in an interview I watched on You Tube that the intensity of their attraction to each other AND their excessive drinking torpedoed their marriage twice.  


Richard re-married and apparently was happy with his post-Elizabeth wife (Sally?  not sure about her name) but Elizabeth said that the last word he uttered on his death bed was her name.