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Murphy was great. Text my kids and told them to watch On Demand if they missed it.  

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Eddie was in rare form! That was an awesome performance. He has not lost his comedic timing at all, and is still easy on the eyes😊. 



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It's hard to believe Eddie has never hosted before, alum always come back. I think Eddie let the four letter word that begins with s and ends in t slip, which surprised me, I thought the show would surely be on a 7 second delay.


@Jordan2  There are reasons why eddie didn't come back. lets just say, he was ****** with some people there.


i suspect that he came back to host now because coming to america 2 is coming out, i think next year, and i've heard that he may do stand up again, so this was paid practice for that - not that he needs to practice.


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Of course Eddie is promoting his movie but I learned we have utube on my TV which I had no idea, told my DH you got to see this so funny. I was on my laptop watching & finally told DH this is so funny, he made fun of our races. In the intro he had all his friends there to support him. I thought he did a great job hope he comes back more often. 

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We just watched it. He was so funny!!! I haven’t laughed out loud like that for awhile!!
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Extremely funny!  Guess the only character Eddie missed doing was James Brown/hot tub.  Every sketch was good - Was kinda tired, but made it thru the whole show. Lizzo was great, too.

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Where do they all go?  Atlanta of course.

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I am watching it now On Demand and it is comedy gold!  I have always been a huge Eddie Murphy fan so I am not surprised to see him light up the stage.  Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood . . . HEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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What a great holiday SNL show! I enjoyed laughing at the skits. Eddie was in great form and I found myself laughing even harder the couple times when he almost goofed by laughing while talking. The last skit about the polar bear attack and the news interviewer cracked me up! 


I will be curious how Coming to America 2 turns out since the first one was so funny. 

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@bikerbabe wrote:
Last night was so funny! The news desk was a crack up.

I loved when Eddie asked Che if he won a radio contest to get the job. LOL

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@indoor kitty wrote:

@bikerbabe wrote:
Last night was so funny! The news desk was a crack up.

I loved when Eddie asked Che if he won a radio contest to get the job. LOL

Or when he referred to Colin Jost as Headshot.  Too funny.