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Ed Sullivan's variety show was must-see viewing every Sunday night at our house...It had everything: comedians, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, jugglers, magicians, puppets -- a mix of high and popular culture, with something for every member of the family to enjoy.  Pure fun -- even now!

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I'm just watching the one I recorded last night - 


Ed Ames

Rolling Stones

Debbie Reynolds (love her so much!)

Wayne Newton (OMG, he looks like a little boy!)

Richard Pryor


All but Pryor sang.



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Watching the Ed Sullivan show was our family tradition every Sunday when I was growing up.  Depending on who was on, I didn't mind watching especially if it were the musical groups and singers of that era.  Of course seeing the Beatles and Stones was so  exciting.  They were only a part of the acts presented over the years.


With that being said, my sister and I  always loved the Steve Allen show which was up against Sullivan.  My parents would put Steve on for us at times and boy did we laugh.  He was a pioneer of many of the skits the late show hosts did in later years.