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I LOVED it! Have DVR set to record the series. I thought all the characters were very well done.

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I liked it too. I've always loved Jimmy Smits and liked that main character also.

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It was OK but not sure if it will become a must watch.  It reminded me of the style of Hill Street Blues and NY PD Blue both of which I loved from the first episodes. 


Jimmy Smits was the highlight for me but I'll watch again to see if the rest of the cast grows on me.

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I really liked it, too, @Love my grandkids .  I DVR'd it and watched it last night.  I recorded an extra 30 minutes because of the football game and am glad I did.  I got it all.  I think I need to add more time in the future to make sure I get it all every week.

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I liked it, but it it didn't seem like Jimmy Smits was the star. 

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Supposedly, it is the female cop who is the star.