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Re: ERICA 600 lb life spoiler

I could not take it every time she whined over and over about Jimmy.

She would not shut up. She didn't want to clean and get rid of the

cheap knick-knacks and work hard on the diet for herself. Yet she


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Re: ERICA 600 lb life spoiler

I think it was a mistake for Erica to move back to California. She was even trying to get her old apartment back where she seemed to hoard everything from food to useless nick nacks.  Remember her niece that she was close to in her original episode? My guess is that once Jimmy came into the picture Erica didn't have time for the niece anymore.  She was doing so well then gained 150 lbs in 2 1/2 months. That takes dedication! I don't want to hear the name Jimmy out loud for a long time 



Benji attained rock star status with his final push!  He looks great.  The rift between he and David comes from him cheating then dumping his wife/girlfriend and David is part of the frivolous lawsuit against Dr Now.  It's a shame because they no longer speak.  David is lying to himself if he thinks he doesn't need skin surgery. 

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Re: ERICA 600 lb life spoiler

David is a big jerk and he was not that great looking after losing the weight-his body was a mess.

Erica put more importance on Jimmy than on herself. I know what happened to her was hard, but wow....she gained 160 lbs in 6 months......

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Re: ERICA 600 lb life spoiler

I was wondering why the other brother seemed to fall off the radar for the last half of the show.  Interesting stuff.


She was exasperating.   I just don't have patience for bs, I guess.  Smiley Happy