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Re: Duggars Gone!

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They weren't really on my radar until I saw a thread on here about them.   Nothing annoys me more than self-righteous hypocrites.


I would assume that since all their advertising sponsors dropped them,  it was a no-brainer that TLC would say buh-bye.

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I'm glad they're gone. However I do feel that TLC exploited them as well as Honey Boo Boo and many other children on their network.

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I have enjoyed the show also.

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I hope that all that have been damaged/hurt can heal and go on to live happy, healthy lives.
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I had no interest in them. Never did. Once the novelty of their ridiculously large family wore off, there was nothing about them that would tempt me to watch their family going about their life in front of a camera.

Like the show about the polygamists, and Honey Boo Boo, I watched an episode or three when it first came out, chuckled and shook my head, and changed the channel, never to tune in again.

I am not a big reality show fan to begin with, but this one ran its course a long time ago and I think most of American would agree.
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Never understood teh appeal of these "litters of kids" shows.  So you can get pregnant and have a bunch of kids - why is this entertaining? 

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I'm glad the show is off the air. I only watched a piece of the show once when my sister was watching it and that was enough for me. I thought it was totally fake and for the camera. As most "reality" shows are.
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That show was doomed for failure from the beginning. As the children grew older they were restrained from becoming normal and not allowed to be children. They had the right to go to school, mix with others, have outside activities, outside friends, dates, proms, and all the things most of us have enjoyed.


I always felt so sorry for them. I know kids make mistakes, but they need the freedom to be normal children.

I'm glad it's gone and I pray they let their own children lead normal lives.

I know from my own childhood what it's like to have to do all the housework and cooking, and never have the freedom most had.


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Like so many other families who pretend they are perfect or better than others, they are anything but perfect.

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I'd rather watch paint dry.