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Just read a news flash that the Duggar's contract with TLC has been terminated and they will not be renewed. Couldn't happen to nicer people...yeah TLC!
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I for one (probably the only one) really hate to see them go.  I enjoyed watching Jill and Jessa starting out on their adult lives.  I don't disagree that the parents may have made some bad choices, but in today's world there are so many bad choices it's like an epidemic.  I can only wish them well.

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Yeah!! Long overdue. So long and goodby.
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Only Gone in the Reality TV world.....and probably not for long!
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I started a thread about this earlier today in Community Chat.  It got to be several pages long and then was poofed for being controversial.  I hope we can keep this thread less confrontational and keep it going.  I am glad the show was cancelled. I thought it should have been cancelled immediately, but maybe there were too many contractural things to be worked out first.

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No, Perkup, you are not the only one.  I love them and really miss not seeing them.

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Jessa has always been the one to more 'do her own thing' so to speak.


I just read that she just broke the family/religious thing where they only wear skirts and long dresses.


She was pictured wear either jeans or cut off jeans (I couldn't tell because the picture didn't go all of the way down).


In the scope of life this really isn't important.  There are far more important things in life, I think.

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I feel sure there will be reunions and specials in the future----they will not simply fade away. I do think they need to get out of the limelight, and just live as normal as possible.
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@spent2much wrote:

No, Perkup, you are not the only one.  I love them and really miss not seeing them.



You "love" them??????

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I doubt if they are truly gone. Just not in front of the camera. Aren't the daughters getting a show? I've never watched them but it's hard not to be aware of them. Kinda like the Kardashians can't read a magazine or watch anything without hearing about them. IMO, reality shows that are supposedly paralleling someone's life, are not real at all. Who acts the same with a camera on them?
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