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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

@cowboy sam wrote:


yes, i love how this doctor can help others and once again feel good about their selves,etc.


I have learned a lot by watching Dr. leeHeart

@cowboy sam

I can confidently say I know what a cyst looks like!

And I know the sack has to be removed or it will come back. 


On YouTube, you’ll get ‘suggested’ cyst removal videos

from other doctors.  If the Doctor doesn’t remove the sack

or the patient complains it hurts, the comments are filled with

’Dr. Pimple Popper wouldn’t do that!!”  I love my Popper Tribe. 


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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper



yep...she is always saying if you feel any pain let me know as i don't want you to feel any pain at all ! 



We all need doctors like  her!


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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I haven't actually watched it, but parts where she is popping, make me turn the channel.  I can't watch medical stuff.  When I have blood taken, I shut my eyes until it's over.  Haha

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

@CARMIE wrote:

I love the show.  I don't think it is entertainment.  It is educational.


I, as well as other members of my family are prone to lumps and bumps that grow under our skin.


I have had many things removed over the years under local as well as general anesthesia.  I like how she explains what things are are why they occur.


It helps to know that I am not the only one with problems and I think she gives hope to those who have skin problems.


I love her bedside manner and the fact that she helps people for no cost if they appear on TV.  Some of these poor people are so desperate and need care so badly.

If her show was on PBS I think people would look at it more as educational, just as you said. It’s fine not to care for it. I’m a bit on the squeamish side, so it’s hard for me to watch some episodes as well. But to judge it, harshly at that, without having at least seen it. That’s unfair and unfortunate. Imagine being shunned bc of a disformity, something totally out of your control. You’d hope that in this day and age it would be unheard of, but it happens all the time. Those are the lives this doctor is changing. Actually, my friend’s mom is one of her patients. She can’t say enough wonderful things about her. And I may not be able to get through all the shows, but I certainly applaud the amazing work she does.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

@SeaMaiden wrote:

It is getting a bit repetitive have seen one lipoma you have seen them all.     cut squeeze.... sew it up.....  After seeing a bunch of them... it is like YAWN... 


and I tire of her talking like she is talking to little children... and using childish terms..... after a few shows listening to her  call everyone cute and pretty.... and calling   lipoma's a third boob....   or such.  it gets really old.  I do not see this show lasting too long...... 


@SeaMaiden  I agree with what you are saying - but I also "think" most of the cutesy stuff is done for the cameras.  JMO but I can't imagine her talking to every patient as though they are children.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I find it very interesting and compassionate.  She's so good with her patients.  I hope it's also helping others who have been afraid to seek help.  I've learned a great deal.  I don't look at it as entertainment, but more as learning.  

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I've noticed she's showing her husband and including him in the show more and more.


I like that.  I think of this as a kind of 'feel good show' because she helps people so much.


Some people just don't like watching the medical part of it and that's OK.  None of it bothers me.  I find it fascinating the 'stuff' that comes out of people.


This show (in my opinion) shows that the more humans are different, the more we're alike.  What I mean is we all walk around thinking we're the only people who like 'stuff' like this when in actuality there are lots of us.  That's probably true with a lot of stuff.


If we'd all just talk to each other....Phew!  I'll go sit down.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

@winkk wrote:

I watch the show from time to time.  The question I have is she the only dermatologists in the country who can do these things?  People come from all over just to see her.  Can't other derms do the same thing?

She's not the only derm who can do these things but many derms tell you many of these growths are harmless or want to charge a fortune for removal because most medical insurances will not pay for what they deem to be cosmetic.  I appluad her efforts and compassion towards her patients.  I read she does most of these procedures pro-bono if you agree to be video'd for her show/youtube.   

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

Was just reading an article in People about her (the issue with Jayme Closs on the cover).  Her dad was a derm & she took over his practice in 2004 with her husband, who she met in med school & they have 2 sons, ages 12 & 14.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I’ve only seen her on YouTube.

I’ve never seen her husband, but she mentions him from time to time.


She had an older patient once who asked about her Dad.

Apparently he had a ‘bit’ where he played ukulele all the time.

The older patients liked that.