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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

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Did anyone see the outcome of the man who had that all-over skin rash - the vet from Kwait (I think), who came back with a progressive skin disease that took over his entire body almost.  He was about 70 and had a very supportive son.  I did not see the end of that episode.  

I caught a bit of the follow up. He is MUCH improved with the wet wraps. She was pleased with how Father and Son kept up with the treatment once they went back home. And he is feeling so much better.


She said that she did not think it was caused by his time in Kuwait. 

It ended with the guy dancing with the Doctor because he felt so good.

That one was on late last night, or maybe it was the wee hours of the morning, (sleepless night) along with a few others. OMG that poor guy, all that dry flaky peeling skin all over his body. So happy she helped him and what a devoted loving son. Not sure if it was the same show (dozing off a few min here and there) but it had 2 sisters. One had the arm lipoma and the other had a cyst on her shoulder. OMG what came out of that cyst. I found her shows hard at first but you can addicted. You kind of look like you do when you pass a bad accident, you don't want to but yet you are drawn to it. She is so sweet and so kind and goes the extra mile to get to the bottom of people's problems when it's more than just removing or draining something.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

@drizzella  @Peaches McPhee Yes, you described it well.  I just wanted to add how grateful both the dad and his son were for Dr. Lee's intervention.  For 25 years as a vet he never received the help he should have for a disfiguring and life-altering condition.  She is truly making a difference in people's lives and it is life affirming to witness the appreciation of those who benefit from this show.  Their lives have changed, and most of the patients have lived with disfiguring conditions for many years that were never addressed by doctors. Heart warming to see the transformations.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I’ve followed Dr. Lee on her YouTube channel for a couple yrs now.


YouTube cases are less surgical than her TV show

(in fact, I’ve never watched her TV show).

When she began YouTube, many of her cases were pro-bono...

generally older folks (anonymous) in exchange for filming.

The way she softly talks to everyone is sweet.


She had one patient, “The Fireman” who started off very sharp

but as time progressed, you could tell he wasn’t doing well.

She later found out from his daughter he passed away.

Dr. Lee talks about this on the video below.

So sad...but sweet 💛



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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I can not get over how many people have gone to Doctors and the Doctor does not want or know how to deal with their condition. I am glad she will attempt to help people.


My niece ran into something similar. There was a growth on her head. She was sent from specialist to specialist and not one of them wanted to touch it. She went to the Dermatologist, he sent her to a Neurologist (because it was on her head) and the Neurologist told her to go to a Dermatologist.


What amazed me with last night's show. The one sister with the cyst. The Doctor said it was old skin cells that accumulated in a sac on her shoulder. I wonder how the body formed a sac to hold the old skin cells. And why the skin cells started accumulating there in the first place.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

@DiAnne wrote:

I can't get past the name!

I can't either!  While I think she's great helping people with some desperate issues, I just can't watch.  I find myself turning away whenever one of the ads on TV come on.  I couldn't watch the show.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I have watched as I find all surgery facinating.  However the staff & doctor. compairing of removals to food makes me truely sick to my stomach and I/we probably won't watch again.


Botched is another story because I love the beautiful repairs but I wish the doctors would quit taking jabs at each other.  It's not funny or entertaining to me.

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I just found this program a few months ago.  I have no problem watching the procedures she performs.  The people she treats are lucky to have found her.  I can't believe they had these problems for years and couldn't find a doctor to treat them sooner.  


The only medical background I have is when I transcribed medical reports for hospitals years ago.  When I transcribed surgical reports, I could almost visualize the procedure.



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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

@Peaches McPhee  Watched last night and happy to say the man is doing very well.  His arms looked wonderful as did his face.  His legs were greatly improved, too.  He and his son continue to do the "wraps" as Dr. Lee requested.  At the end of the show it showed the man and Dr. Lee dancing.  Very nice story.  I know some find the show gross, but giving people some hope is a good thing.  More doctor's should be as kind and compassionate as Dr. Lee. 

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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

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It is getting a bit repetitive have seen one lipoma you have seen them all.     cut squeeze.... sew it up.....  After seeing a bunch of them... it is like YAWN... 


and I tire of her talking like she is talking to little children... and using childish terms..... after a few shows listening to her  call everyone cute and pretty.... and calling   lipoma's a third boob....   or such.  it gets really old.  I do not see this show lasting too long...... 


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Re: Dr. Pimple Popper

I find it truly amazing that she does such serious procedures right in her office with only a local numbing, unbelievable!!