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I like her & also Dr. Emma on Save My Skin.  Love her Irish lilt!

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@judianne wrote:

I hate that show so much , don't like the ishiness of it ! Ugh , glad she can help people out but too graphic for me .  That's weird since I am a retired nurse and Emt , have seen a lot of worse things then this stuff, but I even have to turn the channel when her ads come on .  Now they have a foot one and a skin one , my gosh are they running out of stuff to put on TLC ?  I like the more family types of shows .

        I don't care for it either.

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Re: Dr Pimple Popper

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Good ones last nigt!! Felt sorry for the guy in Hawaii, hope he gets his hair cut now that he is back in the dating market. 

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That guy with the lump on top of his head???  LOL  Notice at the end how he was bandaged all around his head from the top of his head all around to his chin???  LOL  A simple square of gauze and a little tape would have done the trick......