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You are right on point, suzeecat. Unfortunately this young woman has such low sel-esteem, she can't see it. 

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@sophiamarie wrote:

For those who responded:


I deleted the show the first five minutes into it, so it never recorded.  That's all I will get if I go to my "deleted" stuff.


I just remembered - I can watch it now online or even on my phone.  


LOL - The one time I thought "this is crazy - who wants to watch a Batman clown?  I really thought it was a total waste of time.  I have never seen a thread this long on any Dr. Phil show.  LOL  Now, y'all have piqued my interest.


I'll be back.......  Thanks again everyone......


If you happen to get the OWN channel there are repeats of Dr Phil there. I just did a quick look and that episode is repeated on Monday @ 10am. 

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For anyone who missed it, the repeat of this episode is scheduled for Monday at 10AM Central on the OWN channel.  

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@Teddie@JeanLouiseFinch  Thank you so much.  I DO have OWN and will definitely remember that for the future.


Thx again.  Have a good one......