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I turned on the TV and the episode with the fair is in!!!!

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What channel? PBS? 

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Re: Downton is On!!!!

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I checked all my 3 PBS stations when the OP came out and it was not on.  We live in a big country and if a show is on one person's channel, it doesn't mean it is showing all over.


It would help to give your general location when posting this type of info, same goes for the weather, rain, insects, wind, etc.   I am getting old and can't remember where each poster lives.

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I am in WV, and Downton has been on our PBS channel on Thursday nights for the last few months.   

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It seems to me that PBS put it out there a number of months back that their 'rights' to Downton were ending and it would be going away. I know one of the local PBS stations ran a marathon and I believe that was part of the fund raising mantra at that time. I haven't seen it locally in quite a while.

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