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Tribute day for DD.  Interesting article from Ben M of TCM.


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That article says it all, Doris Day did everything and did it with talent and love.  All of her movies are so entertaining, her singing a delight and her devotion to animals always was with her throughout her life.  She gave the world so much and she is a legend in the world of entertainment.  To me, all she did for animals defines her goodness, compassion and generosity.  I am glad we have her movies to enjoy and I thank her for all she  did for the animals she loved.

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@kaydee50  Thanks for the reminder about tomorrow's tribute. Someone posted about this a few weeks back and I completely forgot about it.


Nice article, thanks for sharing!!  

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Thanks for the reminder.
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Glad they're doing a tribute to this terrific performer and humanitarian!

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Michael Curtiz hit the nail on the head when he said, "Doris Day will always shine through the part." Her innate goodness came through the screen.