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Re: Doris Day/James Garner TCM Saturday

@Oznell wrote:

I'm trying to remember how they phrased it, @Maudlynn, but I can't recall anything that would be unseemly for kids then or now to hear.  I was distracted during the film, so might have missed it?

Nothing unseemly at all.  However, there are a few scenes where baby-making is clearly intimated, including the final scene where DD and JG head up the stairs to give their 2 children a baby sister or brother.

Any child over the age of 8 will understand and may ask questions. On another note, I watched One Man's Journey this morning- Lionel Barrymore, made in 1933. One of the main characters becomes pregnant prior to marriage.After the characters "do the deed", the man asks "Do you have any regrets?".  As I've noted, the more things change, the more they stay the same- and watching these old movies really brings that point home.

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Re: Doris Day/James Garner TCM Saturday

"Young at Heart" is another good DD film. My daughter had a crush on Frank Sinatra after we watched it, LOL.

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Re: Doris Day/James Garner TCM Saturday

Excellent lineup.  Caught "The Thrill of it All" and then later "David and Lisa."  Hadn't seen it in a while.  Sooo much better than that tv movie remake.  How could they leave out the scene in the train station?  Very emotional.

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Re: Doris Day/James Garner TCM Saturday

 @Judaline -I read Rosemary Rogers novels when I stated working in 1970 and commuted by subway.  Memories from back in the day.


As for Roy Rogers - always watched his show when I was little - LOL!!!