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Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

I just read this on Yahoo.......Wow! Maybe she watched herself back, and felt she needed to get off and get some help for herself. I hope so! Should be interesting as to who they get next season to replace her!?

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

I too hope she gets the help she needs.  The anger and the drinking are too much.  I think she is depressed and doesn't know how to be alone....or doesn't want to be alone.  I don't think she ever got over her husbands death years ago.


Wondering if they are considering Jill since she was at the Halloween party?  Or, they can pick any one of Ramona's closest friends.  Woman LOL

Woman LOL
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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

I hate to hear this.  I like her very much.  


RIP Fish room.  We knew you when.  Smiley Sad

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

I've never been a Dorinda fan and she has gotten increasingly worse w/ her drinking & anger issues and her denial of both.  I certainly won't miss her but I do hope she gets some help and focuses on bettering herself.


I saw her IG post and am wondering if this is her decision or the production company's.  

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

These franchises go through a lot of casting changes and the audience absorbs them, usually anyway. I'm not sure this one can absorb a whole lot more. Initially, I wasn't watching this season, but TV has been so bad lately that I caught myself catching up by binge watching and found the season wasn't as bad as it initially seemed. I think Tinsley leaving gave it the shot in the arm it needed and while Leah is a hot mess a good part of the time, she definitely adds to the show.


Dorinda has some significant issues, but her leaving will be a loss for the show, as was Bethenny's leaving. Personally, I initially missed The B early in the season but find I no longer miss her and that the five current women keep things at least somewhat interesting in a redundant sort of way. WIth Dorinda taking off, they're going to need to do some really good casting to keep this show even moderately interesting. At this point, for me, neither Ramona nor Sonja adds much to the proceedings anymore, so they're definitely going to need someone whose role it will be to routinely stir the pot. Of course, as we all know with these shows, it's all about who gets the good edit and who gets the bad edit any given season.

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

I have been a fan of both NY and BH and of OC for many years


but this year I just couldn't get into either,  perhaps b/c I know what's coming 2020 etc,  


sadly I think the time has come for all those shows, they had their moment and it's time to say goodbye, 

 it's just too much silly fighting , perhaps if the production wasn't so intent on manufacturing that the shows might be better

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

Maybe she could take " the countess" with her.

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

This is a shocker.  Not sure how I feel about this.  As much of a hot mess Dorinda was, I thought she was an interesting addition to the show.  After all she is pretty dramatic most of the time and was always in somebody's face.


Maybe that woman Elyse(sp?) will become a full time HW now.  These shows do go thru lots of changes over the years.  We've seen the HW's come and we've seen them go.  Maybe Leah's sister?  I'm guessing it will be a younger gal than the OG's.

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

[ Edited ]

N/M.  I see she posted this herself on her on Instagram.


There have been a couple of fake announcements regarding Teddi and Brandi so I wondered if this was really true.


I'm the opposite of @stevieb .  I started to watch this and then a couple of weeks ago, I deleted NY from my DVR recording list and haven't looked back.  I found that I was starting to watch from the DVR and would lose interest partway through and either fastforward to the end or just stop and delete the recording. 


I just couldn't get into watching grown, older women drink to the point of excess and then become obnoxious and gross.  There is nothing worse than a sloppy drunk and this entire cast were the poster children for that.  Leah turned into a trashy pig when she drank, Sonja got on my nerves and Dorinda always seemed three sheets to the wind and ended up slurring her words, food falling out of her mouth and becoming more angry than she is in her everyday life. 


I could not care less if Dorinda leaves and to be honest, I hope Leah leaves as well.  For her own sake and for the sake of her relationship with her parents, especially her mom.  With Tinsley's exit, Leah is far too young for this group anyhow.   

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Re: Dorinda Medley leaving RHONY!

I'm thinking she was fired.  Unless the others were relentless at the reunion or something, I don't see her quitting.  The woman never thinks she does any wrong.