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Donald Sutherland was 88.

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I just read that on the internet, such a great actor!  RIP Donald Sutherland.

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Such a canny, talented actor, across the decades.  Perfect role for him was the Dad in "Ordinary People".   A very recognizable and resonant father that was-- affable, modest, but with submerged reserves of strength that came to the fore.   RIP.

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He was such a great actor! He had enormous "presence" in whatever film he was acting in. He was one of the great ones!

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One of my favorite actors for over 50 years.

One of my favorite movies that he made is Eye of the Needle.

His son is a wonderful actor too.

RIP Mr. Sutherland.

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So sad to hear it. He was one of my favorites.

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Donald Sutherland - Wikidata

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Such a diverse and talented man. RIP . . .

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This is such sad news!  He was an incredible actor-  I loved him in "Don't Look Now".