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Does anyone remember Tootie ??

I was just thinking about how home shopping has changed. We got HSN shortly before we received  Q V C. The hosts used to have this horn they called Tootie, and people would call in and ask for  " toots ". There were a lot of funny and sometimes cringe worthy moments in those early days.

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

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@QVC kitty 1


lol! yes,i remember those were the  days...they  fun and funny.

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

I remember Tootie,  That was fun!  I bought a parakeet,  and callled her tootie.  I remember Steve that was on, and so funny!  I was so sad when he passed.  I got to talk on air a lot.  I have never talked on air at Q. 

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

When did Steve pass?

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

Steve passed in August of 1998,

Steve M. Chaney, 41, of St. Petersburg Beach, Fla., formerly of Arlington Heights, was a television show host with Home Shopping Newwork for the past 12 years. Mr. Chaney died Aug. 15 in Florida of complications from a brain tumor after a two-year battle with cancer.

Steve Chaney, unfortunately, passed away at an early age. He was kind, funny, a good father and great on the air.

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

Loved Steve Chaney!!! He cracked me up.  Remember Mindy McCormack was pregnant at that time.  Very entertaining programming.

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

Yes, indeed, lol

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

Yes!  I think about how far the shopping channels have come all the time.  I think about how the merchandise has broadened and improved over the decades.  I remember when the presentations were hokey and both HSN and QVC sold mostly junk and if you bought something from them, you didn't go around announcing it.  Tootie and Levine dressed up in silly costumes and that QVC  Murphy?   Long before there was Dmq or Absolute, HSN sold an early for of cz in colors.  Emerald Ice, ruby ice, sapphire ice on wimpy silver chains....we bought that trashy   

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

Wow does that bring back memories.  I remember tootie very well plus when they pulled out the colored envelopes with a certain amount of 'cash' you could use on future purchases.  I also remember a beautiful female host named Carmella with long brown hair and the prettiest smile.

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Re: Does anyone remember Tootie ??

@chrystaltree-----Watch what you say, lady!Woman Very Happy  I have several of those pieces of trashy stuff are are pretty darned nice, with a piece of crummy trash here and there. 

My spending limit on jewelery was the 69.95 +S&H.  If I knew how to post pictures, I would show you.     First purchase was 14KT chain that had   I Heart You  on the links, for DS's GF (86)

I had never heard of QVC,until years after watching HSN, I couldn't get it until about 1999 or 2000.  It is very entertaining being able to watch both channels.  I post only here, because of people like you, that I really enjoy.-------tedEbear