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Re: Does anyone remember Julian Sands?

@SilleeMee wrote:

A woman hiker fell 700 feet to her death last week in the same Mount Baldy location. She was also an experienced hiker. Her friends called her the "Hiking Queen". Mother of sad.


The recent bad weather in that area has a lot to do with these tragic events. Usually deaths from falls from a mountain side are caused when someone hits a tree or above tree-line, a rock.

Very sad. It seems all the rain has caused conditions dangerous to hikers. Too bad the trails can't be blocked off until the danger passes. But people will just do it anyway.

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Re: Does anyone remember Julian Sands?

This situation reminds me of the actor Spalding Gray. Many years ago he disappeared. It was later discovered that he committed suicide by jumping into a river.
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Re: Does anyone remember Julian Sands?

I worked for the county mountain search and rescue here in Colorado for several years when I was younger. Unfortunately some missing people are never found. Some are found unintentionally by someone other than official searchers years or decades later. Some are found but never identified. there are hundreds of missing people in my state. So many places to look. It would take a miracle to find them.

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Re: Does anyone remember Julian Sands?

Today is a beautiful sunny day in SoCal, 'Search and Rescue' teams still have hope that Julian Sands will be found alive.   My thoughts and prayers that he will be.

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Re: Does anyone remember Julian Sands?

I often think that some hikers think having had extensive previous experience hiking somehow protects them from unpredictable conditions.   It doesn't, especially when storms have recently occurred. 


It would seem like basic common sense to hike with at least one other person, but I also understand how you can feel "invincible" when hiking alone.  


There's always a "wild card".  Unfortunately, I don't think this will have a good outcome.

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Re: Does anyone remember Julian Sands?

I remember him from a 2006 episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent....Chris Noth and Annabella Sciorra were the detectives, and Julian Sands married a opera cast member who had mad cow disease. 


I think it was just recently on.


When he found out she had this degenerative disease, he demanded an annulment.


The episode was "Dramma Giocoso".


He was a truly selfish character in that episode....I had to look him up after I saw his recent photo...I KNEW I'd seen him somewhere, and then it came to me....Good Ole "Law and Order"!!!  Where it seems so many took thier turns over the last 32 years..


 I don't know any of the shows mentioned he was in after that episode from 2006. I must say he aged well.


Too bad he didn't have a locating device on would think an experienced hiker would have one if they went out in such inclement weather or treacherous conditions...hope they find him alive...


Reminds me of another Law and Order title....."Hubris".....(Icarus flew too close to the sun and his support cable snapped!!)